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You may have already seen some of our other end of year posts, but 2014 just wouldn’t be complete without a post about our legendary headshots.  Twenty-fourteen sure flew by… hard to believe it’s already drawing to a close!  However, it was a really incredible year, especially for our headshot photography!  As is fast becoming the tradition around here, I put together a storyboard showing off as many of our headshot sessions this year as possible.

This year, we had the pleasure of working with new and long-standing loyal clients alike.  I had the chance to interact with folks from all over… some driving for hours just to be photographed!  I met tons of interesting people… doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, nuclear engineers stationed in Chernobyl, financial advisors, aspiring actors, models, CEOs of multi-million dollar companies, C-suite executives from billion dollar enterprises in NYC… You name it… we photographed them, and it was incredible!  (And this is just headshots… it doesn’t include all of the other portraiture we did!)   I can’t describe how much I enjoyed working with these folks, getting them feeling comfortable, and capturing them with genuine, authentic expressions!

Here’s as many headshots from the year as I could get to comfortably fit into the storyboard, and a big thanks to all of the folks we worked with!  See you in 2015!

By the way… click on the image to view a bigger version where you can zoom in a bunch.  The full resolution file is MASSIVE, so it wouldn’t even load to our blog!

You can also check out the collage for newborns, cake smashes & families over at the home of our newborn photography, S18 Newborns!

headshot sb 2014 2 web

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