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How often is it that you have all of the people you love together in one place, spending time together?  If you’re like most people, I bet it’s not all that often.  But, as the years roll by, I’m guessing having the opportunity to spend the time with loved ones becomes all the more precious.  Now, imagine being 95 years old, surrounded by friends and family to celebrate your birthday!  Wow!

This was exactly the scenario when we headed over to Lion’s Gate Independent Living Community over in Voorhees, NJ in early January.  A few weeks earlier, a woman had called to ask us to do some photographs of her extended family at her grandmother’s 95th birthday party.  Rather than book us to photograph the event, she was simply interested in us showing up & doing some group portraits of everyone together.

When we arrived, we quickly scouted out a nice location to set up our lighting equipment to make sure that we could get them some really beautiful portraits.  While we did so, I took a quick detour to get the family some images of their matriarch, affectionately called “Bubbe,” blowing out the candles on her birthday cake.  What followed was a host of group portraits for the entire group & the individual families.  If I remember correctly, there was 28 or so folks for the big photo!  You can imagine the task of keeping this together, but we’re used to this sort of thing!  We also thought it was pretty sweet how “Bubbe” insisted on a few shots of her and the children… “Now these are the important ones!,” she said.

While my wife was wrapping up the group shots, I decided that the family might appreciate a single, more intimate portrait of their grandmother, and so I asked her if I cold take her aside for a solo shot.  I posted the details, along with the image, on our social media sites a few weeks back, and a lot of folks really enjoyed it.  Because of this, I figured I would again post the image & text below, following a bunch of the group images from the session.  Here are some photos from the session!

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0636 web

0639 web

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0682 web

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0708 web

0718 web

0721 web

0731 web

And here’s that portrait I shared on social media a few weeks back, along with the text from the post below!  If you don’t follow us on social media, you’re missing out!  Be sure to hit the links at the bottom of the post & stay connected with us!

0747 web

“Bubbe” turned 95 today, & her family booked us to do some group shots at a party they were throwing for her.

I decided to ask her if I could snap an inconspicuous solo portrait of her, figuring the family might like it. The only problem was that this left her & her walker to the unsavory chore of traversing past a ton of furniture & navigating through a throng of people to get to where I couldtake the shot. By now, I had dragged a 95 yr. old woman & her walker a ridiculous distance, and I was pretty sure she hated me & wondered if there was something wrong with me.

We stared at each other, and naturally, she asked what I wanted her to do. Well heck… I was sort of at a loss for words. Imagine that. Anyone who knows me, knows that’s a rare occurrence… My mind went completely blank.

“So… you’re 95…”

“Yup.” (I snapped a few expression-less shots.)

Then, inspiration… I leaned in…

“Wow… That last shot had 28 people in it! When… gosh, if, some day I’m 95, I hope I’ll be surrounded by a beautiful family like yours.”

“It’s really wonderful isn’t it…” Her gaze softened, and voila… this is what we got…

Happy Birthday Bubbe!

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