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Corinne is an actress and student at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ who recently contacted me about getting a new headshot for some upcoming musical theatre auditions.  As an alumnus of Rowan myself, it’s always cool to have the chance to meet up with others who are students there or are almuni themselves.  After a handful of brief emails, Corinne & I were able to set a time to get together pretty quickly.  She explained that she was looking for a cheerful look that conveyed a feeling similar to “I love life!,” and I was sure we’d be able to get her something great!

It was really great to work with Corrine, and her session was an absolute blast.  While she is an actress and naturally quite photogenic, I worked with her quite a bit with posing & expression to really get her to nail some great looks that I was sure she would love.  I wanted to bring some of her fresh, youthful, & vibrant spirit into the images, and I really liked how she was connecting with the camera.  She had a lot of fun with the session, and was smiling and laughing the entire time.

During her session, we talked a lot about all sorts of things.  One thing Corinne mentioned was that she had been photographed a number of times in the past and just not gotten a photo she was happy with.  She explained that she had worked with a few other photographers from students to professionals, and none of them was able to just nail it… some were disasters!  Finally, she got more serious about seeking out someone to get her the look she wanted, and her mom helped her with the search.  After finding us, she and her mom agreed that their search was over, feeling confident that we would get her what she was looking for.  How cool is that?  🙂

In the end, Corrine was terrific, we had a blast, and the photos came out awesome!  She even purchased a number of prints.  Here’s a few of the shots from the session, along with a set of shots of her goofing off during the session!

 IMG_7965 CL

IMG_8140 8x10 CL

IMG_8302 CL

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