Awesome Cherry Hill House – NJ Real Estate Photographer

This house was just plain cool.  A week or so ago, I got a ring from our friend Barb who is an agent at RE/Max Main Street Realty in Mount Laurel, NJ about doing a photo session for a really nice home over in Cherry Hill, NJ.  The home belongs to a friend of hers, and wow, does her friend have a sweet place!

I arrived a bit early, and I was excited to photograph some aspects of the home like the amazing library and the awesome spa.  It turns out the owner used to own a book distribution company, and we had a chance to chat a bit about the business and his dealings with other large companies like Amazon.  I thought it was really cool, and having that nice library in the home was certainly fitting for a former book distributor!

I had seen some shots of the house from what I guess was a previous listing, and they really didn’t do the place justice!  I’m quite sure they’ll show up in a future installment of our Pro vs. Joes series about the advantages of using professional photography for real estate listings.  Regardless, the house was awesome, and it made for some great shots.  It also didn’t hurt that the sun was just starting to peek through the clouds after days of rainy weather!  Here’s some of what I came up with!














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