Baby Olivia’s Christening – NJ Event Photographer

Back in November 2011, we had the pleasure of photographing Baby Grace’s Christening for my friend Diana and her husband Tom.  Wow has time flown, and Grace is now a little girl with a new little sister Olivia!  Diana reached out to us a few months back, and asked if we would be interested in photographing Baby Olivia’s Christening as well!  How cool is that?  Of course the answer was yes!

Although it is a bit of a distance from our location, around 2 hours away, we were happy to take the trip up and photograph Olivia’s big day!  It was a beautiful ceremony, followed by a really nice reception afterwards.  It’s always awesome when past clients call us up to photograph special milestones in their lives, and it’s even cooler when it’s an old friend!  Diana and went to high school together, and (other than Grace’s Christening) I haven’t seen her in years!

Katie & I photographed Olivia’s entire day, starting with everyone getting ready back at Tom & Diana’s house.  We then headed over to the church, captured the ceremony, and finally, we headed over to this great restaurant for the reception party.  The whole day was a good time, and we came home exhausted!  Here’s some of the photos from the occasion!

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