Barclay Farm Home – NJ Real Estate Photographer

Last week, I photographed a really nice home over in Barclay Farm in Cherry Hill, NJ.  The agent who will be listing the home is super nice, and I did headshots for her a few years back.  I was really glad she reached out to us for some photos and a video tour, because the house was beautiful with a ton of cool features.

When I first walked in and began to set up, I really noticed the huge living room with a fireplace and the super nice den / study room.  I’m a big fan of houses that have a nice space for an office, and that was one of the reasons my wife and I actually bought our home.  The study in this house was great because it had this really tall row of windows that let the light stream in.  It was great, and I can imagine the owners really enjoy having such a nice view while they get some work done.

There was also a giant, finished basement, a really long screened porch, and a terrific eat-in kitchen.  The place had hardwood floors throughout, and I mentioned to the agent and the owners that it was just one of those types of homes that I really like photographing.  I just thing they photograph really well, and there is a lot of character and cool features to show off.  It was pristine, but it didn’t come off as one of those homes that is too sterile… warm like you knew a nice family lived there.  I like that sort of thing.  At any rate, here’s some of the shots from the session!














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