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In late October of last year, we were hired by builder Blenheim Homes to photograph 9 model homes in their new Bayberry community located down in Middletown, DE.  They were looking for a palette of super-polished images to use in both their marketing pieces, and also they were going to enter them into a prestigious builder’s competition in 2015.  The images we created for them would serve to both entice potential buyers, and reflect their design & craftsmanship to the competition judges.  Those of you who follow along with our blog have likely seen our previous posts on these sessions, but if not, we definitely recommend you check them out in the Architectural Photography category… some very cool homes!

Today’s post is focused on The Symphony model, which we photographed on the morning of our second day of shooting.  This was one of the higher-priced, more exclusive models, and so it was important that we got things just right here.  As far as the dwellings go, this was one of my favorites of the bunch.  The folks at Blenheim has spent a good deal of time and attention to ensuring that the home was staged and decorated just right, and I think their effort really showed.  The home was beautiful.

We were photographing in mixed-lighting conditions, so some of the time, we could take advantage of beautiful golden sunlight cascading across the decor.  Other times, the clouds would roll in, and completely change the dynamic.  This, as most photographers will attest to, doesn’t make things very easy.  In fact, having the ambient lighting changing constantly can make things pretty tough, especially when your balancing them with multiple, off-camera strobes!

Regardless, we worked hard at this one, as we always do.  On large commercial shoots, it’s important to manage time wisely, especially as in the case of this one where the final deliverables would be over 100 full-quality commercial images!  A few things I remember distinctly was working for quite a while in the kitchen area to get the shot just right.  As we were styling the space for the image, we had to ensure that the staging pieces in the frame were just right.  We wanted them to add a bit of pop to the all-white kitchen, while not stealing too much attention from the rest of the features.  This was no easy task, as the kitchen also sported  a very tall wrap-around counter.  We already had the camera set at a high point of view.

Attending to details like these, along with the geometries of the compositions in the image are super important, and they are really another way I think our work stands apart from the competition.  Our architectural and interiors photography images are created to avoid distorted perspectives, and ensure that things such as hanging lighting fixtures don’t obstruct each other as your eye wanders through the frame.  Things must be crisp, cleanly-composed, and just right!

Altogether, the images came out beautifully, and they really showed off the home’s appeal.  I really enjoyed the time we spent photographing The Symphony model.  Here’s a handful of the images from the session!

IMG_4208 CL IMG_4527 CL IMG_4097 CL IMG_4137 CL IMG_4431 CL IMG_4395 IMG_4466 CL IMG_4485 CL

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