Bayberry – The Tenor – NJ Architectural Photographer

I arrived early on our first day of shooting for Blenheim Homes at the Bayberry community in Middletown, DE and introduced myself to the marketing coordinator and some of the other folks as they began to arrive.  We quickly established that a game plan to maximize our approach to the sessions over the next few days.  A chief concern of ours was the weather, as the forecast was predicting some poor weather headed our way.  For now, we had a bright, sunny day, but we needed to tour each of the 9 model homes we would be photographing to get acquainted with them and plan things out.

The marketing coordinator would be accompanying us for the duration of the session, but was rather new to her position.  She was knowledgable and professional, but hadn’t worked on this sort of project before.  Working with me would be her first real experience on architectural & interiors photo shoots.  We did, however, have the benefit of bringing along one of the senior employees from the builder, who had accompanied architectural photographers on shoots for most of his career.  He was heading out soon to set up displays at various conventions, and so we only had the luxury of picking his brain for half of the day before he departed.  I think I would have enjoyed working with him over the entire course of the project, since we seemed to get along pretty well, and chatted about things like the old sessions where they shot film, using Polaroids for test shots.

On sessions such as these, it’s always super-important to really hone in on exactly what the builder is looking to get out of the photos.  When it comes to choosing angles for the images and specific features to highlight, the builder or designer’s intent is top priority.  The marketing coordinator explained that around half of the images would be used to display the spaces to potential purchasers.  Others would be specific images need for entry in a builders competition early in 2015.  Here, there was a specific set of constraints we needed to meet.

We spent the greater portion of the first day touring the models and discussing our game plan, and I really must admit that aside from simply being beautiful homes, they were actually impeccably decorated.  The interior designers, stagers, and builder really paid quite a bit of attention to getting the homes ready for folks to view.  Part of my job would be to coordinate the styling of the individual spaces during the session to ensure that they were reproduced really optimally in photos.  It’s really important that a good photographer has an eye for detail, and takes note of things like the geometries of the features being photographed.  Any distracting elements need to be removed, and any small props to enhance the viewer’s experience or complement the design are key.

About mid-afternoon, I was able to set up my equipment and begin photographing one of the models.  The Tenor model was a beautiful craftsman style dwelling, with the interior accented in bright, warm tones, such as the orange highlights throughout.  The home was spacious, gorgeous, and a great way to kick off our sessions at Bayberry!  Here’s some of the images from the time I spent in The Tenor model.

IMG_4226 CLIMG_3861 CL IMG_3906 IMG_3967 CL IMG_3998 CL IMG_4041 CL

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