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Wow!  So photographing this house became quite a labor of love, and it’s sort of an interesting story.  The agent was with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Fox & Roach Realtors out of their Marlton-Voorhees office, and she was referred to us by one of our regular clients… actually a few of them, if I remember correctly.  She called us the night before apologizing for the last-minute request, and not fully expecting us to be able to schedule a session for the home, located in Voorhees, NJ.  While we typically require a bit more notice, we also try to be as flexible as possible, despite the fact that it’s one of our busiest seasons of the year.  It just so happened that we had a single available slot at exactly the time she was requesting… sort of bizarre, but what are the odds of that?  It looked like the stars had aligned on this one, & we were able to get her scheduled for a session the next afternoon.  That’s a win!

The home was pretty large, at 4,200+ sf, and it was actually a vacant dwelling.  The owner hired a stager to outfit the various rooms with rental furniture to best showcase the home, not completely uncommon for larger, high-end listings where there are some empty rooms.  We were set to begin photographing the home at around 3 pm, but there stagers encountered a tremendous amount of difficulty with the company set to deliver the furnishings.  (For the record, this wasn’t the fault of the staging company, who were, in my opinion really good.  They did a heck of a job, despite any constraints.  A long story, and I’ll spare the details here… but the furniture company completely left these guys hanging.)  Alas, it was crunch time, and although I had arrived at 3 pm, the furniture didn’t arrive until after 6 pm!

This left us only able to photograph certain areas of the home until the furnishings arrived.  Once the delivery came, this further hurt our ability to photograph the house… nothing like having a view of a giant delivery truck in every window facing the front of the home, and the stagers still had to work their magic.  This place wasn’t ready for the majority of the “big money shots” until around 6:30 pm or later!   Since it was a cloudy day to begin with and the home was surrounded by woods, I had very little daylight to work with.  I basically had between 30 – 45 minutes to photograph all of the “money shots” for the house… kitchen, dining room, etc.  I had to move super fast, because interior shots with blackened windows would’ve been a deal-breaker.  We wrapped up a bit before 8 pm, and man was I tired!  I was seriously hustling to get the shots we needed, and this doesn’t even include the part where I had to go home & develop the digital negative images (aka… how the pros shoot).

There was a lot of hard work all around, but we definitely got the job done.  The place looked terrific, and everyone had worked well together to get things in order… rare to have stagers, photographers, etc. all in the house at the same time, but I enjoyed working with these guys.  Here’s a handful of the shots!





















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