Berlin, NJ Real Estate Photography – Pros vs. Joes!

It’s time for another “Pros vs. Joes!” (Click Here to see the first time we did one of these…)

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph a number of really nice homes lately.  This particular house in Berlin, NJ was one that was not only beautiful, but it also provides an example of just how powerful great photography can be when marketing a property.  The listing agent explained to me that the homeowner didn’t have a terrific experience with the prior agent, so they decided to terminate their contract and re-list the property with her.

The homeowner mentioned that the previous agent had not brought her a single showing in 6 months!  She had a beautiful house, and she mentioned that the photos were awful.  One room, in particular, had a large area with a bay window from floor to ceiling which added a large area to the room.  The photos were just all blown out, and failed to show off features like this.

The new agent was savvy and decided to call us in to get this place the visibility it deserved and needed to attract some eyeballs.  She pointed out some of the old listing’s photos to illustrate why the owner was upset.  We nailed it on the photos, and I decided i would post some before-and-after shots to illustrate just how much impact awesome professional photos can have.  Check out the comparisons below!

S18 Photography – Exterior Photo

“Before” – Shot from the previous listing.

S18 Photography Image

Before – I think the sun is exploding outside! 

S18 Photography – Kitchen Shot

Kitchen from the old listing.

S18 Photography – Bonus Room / Office 

Before – Bonus Room / Office

S18 Photography – The Master Bedroom 

Before shot of the master bedroom.

The results speak for themselves, and while the comparison isn’t meant to ridicule anyone, I can tell you that the “before” photos are FAR from the worst I see on average!  Think about it… large companies who advertise products always ensure to provide crisp, detailed, and attractive product photography for their merchandise.  Why should marketing a home be any different?

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