Bill Strippoli – Marlton, NJ Author Headshots

Bill Strippoli is a author, comedian, motivational speaker, and LGTB activist who resides in Marlton, NJ, close by to our studio.  He explained that he was very excited to be publishing a book soon, “Billy Versus The Bullies – My Journey From Victim To Victor,” and that he wanted to get some professional headshots to go along with this and some of his other endeavors.  He liked our work, so he decided to contact us for his headshot photography.  I was definitely excited to help Bill get some great photographs!

Bill enjoyed our session together, and I had the pleasure of getting to know him a bit while photographing him.  He has quite a story, filled with tremendous struggles and achievements, and his book is written to recount his own journey and inspire anyone who has ever been bullied.

When shooting professional portraits, I always put my clients at ease by talking and joking with them to take their mind off of the process.  Most people tend to start off nervous when they come to us, but I’m always able to get them to let their guard down to get them the photos that will make them look and feel terrific.  For me, it’s about getting them to connect with the camera in a genuine way.  It’s about getting them to be themselves and looking how they want to look.  Anyone can spot a fake smile or expression, so I make sure to capture the photos that show real connections and authentic emotions.  Those smiles are real smiles!  Here’s some of the images from Bill’s headshot session…


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