Bio-Pharm, Inc. – PA Commercial Photography Session

Back in December of 2012, I had the opportunity to do something really unique.  My friend Ami is the Director of Communications at Bio-Pharm, Inc., a generic pharmaceutical company in Levittown, PA, and she asked me if I could do some commercial photography for the website they would be designing & some promotional materials.  I was happy to say yes, and even had a the chance to stop by and get the grand tour of their state-of-the-art facilities… some really cool stuff!

It was a pleasure to meet some of the super nice folks at Bio-Pharm, and I had a blast photographing their management team and some of the amazing things behind-the-scenes.  What a cool experience!  The session was a mixture of corporate portraits / headshots and commercial photography throughout their location.

The photos had to be checked out by their FDA compliance guy, but after this we decided to hold off on releasing the photos until they had completed the design of their website.  Just the other day, Ami sent me a message letting me know that they had just gone live with their site…  This was an exciting surprise, and so I decided it was time to dig up those photos and share them on the blog!  Here’s a handful from the session, and a special thanks to the folks at Bio-Pharm for welcoming me to photograph them & their facilities!

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