Black & White Portraits of Personality – NJ Headshots

A while back I kicked off a handful of small personal projects to help me to stay interested and passionate about creating images while being a full-time professional photographer.  It’s one of those situations where, when your hobby becomes your job, it’s pretty easy for things to get stale.  I needed something to keep me engaged, thinking creatively, and remembering why I loved picking up my camera in the first place.

Black & White Portraits

One of the projects I started was super simple, and actually turned out to be a lot of fun for myself and some of our clients.  I decided to create a set of simple black and white portraits, while offering some folks a free extra image with their session.

It started off pretty randomly.  I didn’t have any sort of concrete plan, but things certainly evolved as the progressed.  I decided to start asking some of our clients if they might be interested in sticking around for an extra image, with the promise that I would give them the additional photo for free.

I wanted things to be quick and painless, so I decided to go with a simple lighting setup against a white background, something I thought translated pretty well to black and white.  I even constrained the experiment to just a handful of shots to keep it fast paced.  There was no chance for a do-over… we had to get them right on the first few tries!  I was excited to be able to offer people a free additional image, and we started off by just aiming for a simple expression or a smile.

Headshots with Genuine Personality

As things progressed, I realized that I could really put my own spin on things.  The simplicity and quickness of these shots really allowed me to work with my clients and focus on one of my signatures… drawing out their personality.  After a session where they had done some hard work and received coaching on how to look their best, this was the perfect time for them to let loose.  Here, they could just exhale a whole barrage of personality & have fun with things… and that’s exactly what they did!

Pretty soon, I had everyone from financial VPs and politicians to attorneys and veterinarians making goofy faces at me, messing around, and really having a good time with it.  Here and there, for months we did a bunch of these shots for folks, and I’m sure we’ll keep doing them from time-to-time in the future.  Below is a handful of shots from the project, and I hope you’ll swing by the gallery of select images under my personal work portfolio!







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