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Towards the end of October, one of the homes I photographed was over in Blackwood, NJ.  It was a nice colonial style house with some really cool abstract & modern decor on the inside.  The interior had some really colorful rooms, and overall, the house had some great features.  One of my favorites was the glass-burning gas fireplace.  We decided to fire this up for some of the shots, and it really burned brightly and made for some cool images.  Very cool… and actually something I haven’t seen before.

When I first arrived to photograph the house, it was mid-afternoon, and there was some really hard lighting hitting the outside facade.  I decided I was going to fight the harsh light, and photograph it anyway.  Sometimes, you just make these choices, and I was pretty certain I would get some great shots regardless.  The photos actually came out pretty nice, but on my way out after I had packed most of my gear, I noticed that the sunlight was looking really nice & golden as it was hitting the front of the home.  I decided to scrap the earlier photos & reshoot with the nice lighting.  I couldn’t help it, and sometimes being a perfectionist drives me a bit crazy, but hey… I think the shots came out looking pretty sharp.  Here’s some of what I came up with… cool glass-burning fireplace and all!











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