Technical Recruiter Mike – NJ Portrait Photography

Mike is a lead technical recruiter and account manager for a major IT recruiting company which has offices throughout the country.  He got in touch with us recently about getting some updated headshots for his his professional bio and social media.  Like most of our business headshot clients, he thought it would be a good idea to get a mix of professional and casual styled shots to give him some variety.

South Jersey Headshots

Working with Mike was really great, and I enjoyed getting to know him a bit during his session.  We are both alumni of Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ, and it was great to chat about old college stories and how the campus has grown.  We also talked about his job, where he provides professional recruiting for permanent and contract technical positions.  He mentioned working a lot with the folks looking for work with cloud technology.  It’s always good to get to know clients and find out about their careers so that we can really nail down exactly what they want to portray in their images.

NJ Professional Headshots

While some folks view a business headshot as a boring studio image with a suit and stiff smile, we recognize that they can offer a huge opportunity if done well.  People are generally very responsive to visual information, and a great headshot is an awesome opportunity to connect to your target audience and communicate a strong message about yourself.  Your profile image can say a lot about you, and it is often one of the first ways in which we connect with other professionals.  It’s imperative that you get this right!

Sewell, NJ Portrait Studio

Mike’s session was a breeze, and after a handful of formal studio shots, we decided to head outside for some more casual images.  He really wanted a natural look and feel so that he could get as much use out of them as possible.  It was a challenge to photograph him in the harsh, mid-day sun in the back of our building, but I think we really nailed it.  A quick reflector to kill any nasty shadows and a nice tree for a quick background, and things were looking good!  Here’s some shots from Mike’s session!

4S0A4888 CL 4S0A4947 CL 4S0A5017 CL 4S0A5044 CL 4S0A5052 v CL

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Military Leather Jackets – NJ Commercial Photographer

Back in December 2015, the team at Schwarzman Export Import Co. reached out to us to photograph their new line of leather jackets at their Lakewood, NJ headquarters.

South Jersey Product Photography

Schwarzman Export Import Co. (SEICO) is a family-owned supplier of military surplus and wholesale clothing based out of Lakewood, NJ, near Joint Base – Mcguire-Dix-Lakehurst.  They recently purchased the John Ownbey Company, a compelling brand with a rich history of military manufacturing in the US, and they were looking for some product photography to accompany the launch of their newly-manufactured leather jackets. 

NJ Commercial Photographer

Impressed with our commercial work, they decided to get in touch with us for a quote.  We love these types of sessions, and we’ve worked in photographing garment lines for other organizations as well for catalogues, websites, etc.  We were happy to provide them a quote, and after some careful planning we were able to set a date for the commercial session.

South Jersey Photo Studio

One of the things that particularly impressed the SEICO folks was the “ghost mannequin” effect they had seen in some of our previous work which makes it look as if the garment is floating.  It’s a look that can be achieved in a number of ways, but to be totally candid, we’ve never had the luxury of a custom, high-end fashion ghost mannequin to pull it off.  Instead, we rely on a few of the tricks we have up our sleeve to get a really awesome final product for our clients. 

NJ Professional Photographers

In the end, the photos came out terrific, and the SEICO team was really happy with the final product.  They were particularly eager to have something great as this was a big product line launch for them, so we were glad to provide something they loved.  A few weeks later, a member of their leadership team followed up to offer us some kind words and let us know that the product listings were live!  Very cool! 

Here’s some of the photos from our session, along with a screenshot of their online store!

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Bob Gets It… Do You? – South Jersey Headshots

Back when I was starting out, I set up at a local real estate brokerage to provide headshots for some of the agents.  One guy who wandered in was stuck on his cell phone.  We’ll call him “Bob.”

I jokingly dragged Bob in front of the lens, phone and all, and snapped a few candid shots of him conversing.  Surprisingly enough, the guy was in love with these shots.  While I meant them as sort of a joke, he actually thought I had nailed it, mentioning he marketed the fact that he always returns clients’ calls.  It was his gimmick.

Look, I’ll be honest… I’m not winning a Pulitzer for the shot.  A bit cheesy?  Maybe.  But it worked, and he loved it.  Here was a guy who understood the importance of branding himself and investing in his image, and I came through for him.

Building Your Personal Brand

Soon after, Bob reached out to us to have S18 Photography exclusively photograph all of his listings.  In the next 4 years, we did a TON of business with him, and he’s become one of our favorite clients.  Oh, and another thing….

He’s become hugely successful.

Bob’s team grew from a single, overworked agent to a thriving enterprise of 7+ individuals, and all the way he’s sung our praises.  A few weeks back, one of his assistants mentioned to me that he credits our outstanding photos of his listings as something that has really helped differentiate his business and propel him to success.

In addition, a homeowner we were with mentioned that she had chosen to work with Bob because of his distinct headshot.  She just laughed saying, “You know, it may sound silly, but I just liked it.  He looked trustworthy, and I thought it was clever.  I liked how he presented himself.”

This even surprised me, but his assistant mentioned back with a laugh, “You know, you wouldn’t believe how many clients have said that!  So many people call and mention how that photo had hooked them when they saw it!”

South Jersey Photo Studio

We all shared a laugh about it, but it really illustrates something powerful.

  • This guy is fantastically successful.  Why?  Well, I’m sure for a lot of reasons.  But, one of them is certainly that he has chosen to invest in his personal brand.  Yes, he uses professional photography to represent his work, but he also uses it to present himself.
  • It illustrates just how many folks view a profile image and make a judgement of a person, in this case on his professionalism.
  • If you don’t think a solid professional image matters when building your personal brand, you’re out of your mind!  This is a first hand account of how important this stuff is.

Professional Headshots & Branding Portraits

Looking back over the past five years, our clients overwhelmingly consist of folks who can be divided into one of two groups:

  • Individuals who are extraordinarily successful.
  • Individuals who are on their way to becoming extraordinarily successful.

There’s a common theme here.  Our clients know the value of investing in themselves and building their personal brand.  They understand just how important it is to present yourself well and build trust with an exceptional headshot.

Do you think they have it wrong?  Are you still considering that iPhone selfie for your business profile?  You just better hope your competition doesn’t take their branding more seriously!

Get in touch with us and be a rockstar at building your personal brand.

pro headshots sb bob 2

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Your Headshot is Not a Passport Photo!

A lot of people go about getting a headshot the same way they would approach getting a passport photo. We’ve seen it a lot, and it’s a trend that needs to stop.  Most of the folks that fit into this category are thinking one of the following two things:

“I hate having my picture taken, and it’s going to turn out awful anyway, so let me just find the cheapest place I can.”


“Yeah, I don’t look as good as I used to.  I just don’t photograph well, so let’s get this over with.  Where can I get a quick, cheap shot done?”

They’ve essentially resigned themselves to the fact that their photo won’t be good, and it’s not that big a deal anyway, so let’s just get this over with.  Maybe their boss told them they had to get one?

Well, here’s the truth. 

They’re completely right.  You won’t find me fighting them on it either. 

  • If they approach it this way, they most certainly will get themselves a terrible headshot.
  • Oh, and yes, it is going to feel like an awful high school portrait session.  That’s what you decided to pay for.
  • And lastly, that thing about it not being that big of a deal?  Complete nonsense.  If you care about your professional image and personal brand, you should invest in it.  Period.  Remember that saying “dress for the job you want, not the one you have”?  Yep, it’s pretty similar with your profile photo.  I’ve seen folks spend thousands with us for commercial photography, but they won’t spend a dime on a decent headshot.  It leaves me shaking my head.  Yeah, their product looks great, but the person selling it doesn’t convey any confidence.  Think about it…

We do things differently… much differently. 

We don’t treat our portraits and headshots like a high school portrait session.  Remember what a terrible experience those were?  You walked through the door feeling awkward, sit for a few snaps in front of some awful cloth background, and a guy who barely talked to you kept making you tilt your head in a way that felt funny.  And, women will probably remember the rose… yuck!

So here’s some of what you can expect:

  • You get a free consultation over the phone or by email.  We’re going to get to know you a bit, find out what your looking for, and give you some tips to get you ready for the session.
  • Our sessions are a lot of fun.  We’ve got this down to a science, so things are as painless as possible.  You’re going to feel good, not awkward.
  • No cheesy, old-school cloth / muslin backdrops.  They’re awful, and let’s be honest… no one really thinks those look good.
  • No, these are not large, complex Hollywood productions with makeup artists, hair crews, and a pony.  We get it.  You’re a business pro.  We respect your time.  We’re fast, efficient, and excellent.
  • Your photo isn’t going to have a creepy stare or a strained fake smile.  We can’t stand those, and neither can you.  Your professional portrait will look polished, crisp, and professional like something you’d see in a magazine.
  • Yes, we’re going to retouch it for you, but no, your skin won’t look fake and like plastic.

Look around… the images on our page are not supermodels and actors.  They’re real people, and yes, they look that good after we’ve worked with them.  And guess what… you will too.

We’re confident we can have you looking like your most awesome self.  Some advice?  Skip the cheapos, don’t treat this like a passport photo, and get in touch with us for some magazine-quality awesomeness.  You’ll be glad you did. 

pro headshots sb

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Heart-to-Heart – NJ Corporate Event Photography

We recently had the privilege of photographing the Heart-to-Heart organization’s Spring Breakfast fundraiser, at the Pennsauken Country Club in Pennsauken, NJ.  Heart-to-Heart: Comienzo’s East is a non-profit organization based in Merchantville, NJ that focuses on education for jails, prisons, and communities.  Essentially, they work on healing individuals, families, and communities surrounding incarceration.  These guys do a lot of good work, and photographing their event was really a pleasure.

Corporate Event Photographer

At S18 Photography, we love photographing events like this, corporate events & luncheons, conventions, etc.  We enjoy focusing on the connections and interactions between the individuals attending, and documenting the event as a whole.  The folks at Heart-to-Heart were great to work with, and meeting some of the key folks involved in the organization was terrific.  Specifically, the event coordinator Bobbi was awesome!  She was really on top of all of the details, and really made things super easy for us to do what we do best!  Leading up to the day of the breakfast, we communicated quite a bit and it was really great to put a face to a name on the morning of the event!

Event Photography

Despite the fact that we had to arrive super early, (Hey, I’m not exactly a morning person!) everything went off terrifically!  The event was a big success with a great turnout, and we created a gorgeous set of images for them to commemorate the day.  Here’s a handful of the shots from the breakfast!

4S0A1382 4S0A1438 4S0A1645 4S0A1570 4S0A1538 4S0A1625 4S0A1686-2 4S0A1694 4S0A1697-2 4S0A1721 4S0A1757 4S0A1769 4S0A1749 4S0A1787 4S0A1798 4S0A1851 4S0A1857

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