Philadelphia Commercial Photographer – Super 8 Worldwide

It’s been an exciting year, and we’ve been privileged to work with some really terrific new clients this year.  One of these clients was Super 8, subsidiary of Wyndham Worldwide.  Super 8 is the largest budget hotel chain in the world, with hotels in the US, Canada, and even China.  Headquartered in Parsippany, NJ, their director of brand marketing reached out to us in early October for some commercial photography for their upcoming Veteran’s Day roll-out.  Of course we were excited to be a part of things, and we were able to set something in motion relatively quickly.

NJ Commercial Photographer

The folks at Super 8 were really great to work with, and they made things as easy and comfortable as possible for us.  Our session was to center around an upcoming promotion for Veteran’s Day where they rolled out preferred parking spaces for Veteran guests at their hotels.  For this, they needed some photographs of the location and signage, some incorporating employees, and they also asked if we could provide some short video clips to be used in additional promotional materials.  While relatively modest in scope, the media would be used prominently on their national page, and therefore, it needed to be great!

South Jersey Professional Photographer

The morning of the session, we arrived to meet the general manager of the local ownership group and a few hotel employees, and soon after the folks from corporate HQ arrived from Parsippany.  We had a chance to chat a bit and get to know everyone a bit before kicking things off, and after some location scouting, things were in motion!  We were fortunate to have some great weather and beautiful skies for the session, although clouds started rolling in and complicating things towards the end.  Things moved smoothly as we collaborated on which points of view the Art Director & PR Director were looking for out of the images to best accommodate where they would be used.

Philadelphia Area Photographer

In the end, we had a nice set of images and some video clips to send their way!  It was also pretty cool seeing the press release with our images come out over social media!  We’re also looking forward to some potential future work with Super 8 at the Jersey Shore this summer.  That could certainly make for some nice trips over to the beach!  Here’s some of what we created for this session!

4s0a1545 4s0a1577-cl 4s0a1561 4s0a1758 4s0a1785-cl 4s0a1716-cl 4s0a1751-cl 4s0a1742-cl

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Social Media Video – South Jersey Video Production

The use of video in social media marketing has been exploding in the past few years.  It’s really no secret, and we’re sure you are aware of it, especially if you are in business.  Video is everywhere.  You really don’t have to be a marketing professional to be aware of just how powerful video can be.  Just think about when you’re scrolling down your own Facebook or Instagram feed.  I know that when I’m scrolling around, killing time, seeing things that move stops me right in my tracks.  It could even be something super simple, like one of those cooking videos.  Yes, you know the ones I’m talking about.  These are the instructional videos where they are whipping up something utterly delicious in seconds.  There really is just something about seeing things covered in cheese and butter or being deep-fried for the third time that stops us in our tracks.  It’s engaging content, and it catches your eye.

Shoppers who view video are 1.81X more likely to purchase than non-viewers.

– Adobe, Apr. 2015

Social Media Marketing Video

A look at the statistics on visual content and mobile internet shows that mobile video is even hotter.  Most sites even point to the fact that mobile internet is overtaking (or has already overtaken) traditional desktop internet usage.  Sure, you can get really technical and analyze every little detail from the bounce rates to the time a user spends on a page, but the bottom line is that the trend is headed in one direction.  We’re becoming a very mobile-oriented world.

In July 2015, Periscope users were watching 40 years’ worth of videos every day.

– Fast Company, Aug. 2015

Professional Video Content Marketing

As a business, you need to be harnessing this potential, and we at S18 Photography can help.  Our social media marketing videos are the perfect way to get your business the attention it needs on the most engaging platforms available.  Short, impactful, and to-the-point, our social media video will stop potential clients in their tracks and have them viewing your content.  We can help you communicate your vision in a compelling way, driving customer engagement, and creating more sales.  Get in touch with us to find out how you can put our stunning visual content to work for your business today!  Take a look at some examples below!

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Enterprise Rent-a-Car – NJ Commercial Photographer

Back in early June, the folks at Enterprise Holdings reached out to us to discuss a commercial photography session for a few campaigns they were working on.  Enterprise Holdings is the parent company for Enterprise Rent-a-Car, National Car Rental, and Alamo Rent a Car, among other things.  With revenues of $20.9 Billion and a footprint in 85 countries & territories around the world, they are the largest car rental service provider in the world measured by revenue, employees and fleet!  Wow!  Needless to say, we’re honored they decided to contact us for a commercial photo session.

NJ & Philadelphia Commercial Photographer

From the start, working with Enterprise was really a pleasure.  They were efficient, easy to communicate with, and just a downright nice group of people.  They were looking for a two-part session comprised of photographs for their career website.  What they needed was a set of commercial headshots of two of their employees with various expressions to show off their personalities, and a set of environmental images illustrating some of what a day in the life of an enterprise employee might be like.  Pretty quickly, we were able to square away details and get a session scheduled.

Commercial Portrait Photographer

Enterprise was really accommodating, and they chose a location close to us for the session, even though they had a number of folks coming in from out of town.  One branch manager who we would be photographing was traveling from a few hours away in Pennsylvania, but she definitely had no trouble finding a rental car to travel with!  Our subjects were Brandon, an assistant store manager, and Meghan, a branch manager, both of whom had incredible personality and charisma.  It was easy to tell why they had been chosen for the session, as they were bursting with personality… just really engaging, positive people!  We even joked around about who could bring more charisma into their session.

South Jersey Headshots

First up, we set up a space in their beautiful location for some commercial headshots in the style they requested.  Prior to the session, they had sent us samples of specifically the look they needed to replicate, and we had brought along the equipment that would do the job.  I really think they had a great look in mind… clean, crisp, well-lit, and really focused on the great personalities of the subjects.  These headshots were a breeze with both Meghan and Brandon, as they really brought a lot a character and charisma!

South Jersey Photographer

Next, we moved on to the environmental portraits that would emulate a day in the life of an Enterprise employee. This was a lot of fun, and we pretty much had free reign over using any of the vehicles we needed!  How cool is that.  Everyone was particularly fond of a white Jaguar on the lot, so we worked it into a few shots and just generally had a great time with everyone creating images.

NJ Corporate Photography

In the end, we had a tremendous experience with really great hosts, and we’re proud of the opportunity and the images we created for them.  Here’s a handful of shots from the session, along with a slideshow of highlights!

4s0a6979-cl brandon-sb_025-for-post 4s0a7245-cl 4s0a7487-cl 4s0a7712-cl 4s0a7549-cl 4s0a7846-cl 4s0a7564-cl 4s0a7879-cl 4s0a7901-cl 4s0a7907-cl 4s0a7928-cl 4s0a7919-cl 4s0a7936-cl

Highlight Video Slideshow

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Introducing Commercial Video – NJ Commercial Photographer

Did you know that including video in an email can lead to a 200-300% increase in the amount of people who click through to your website?  Are you aware that after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online?  Statistics like these, emphasizing the power of video marketing, are endless, and a strong indicator of the power of the medium.  You can find more of them in this great infographic from HubSpot.  Savvy marketers are well aware that video can be a powerful tool in your arsenal to get their business noticed, and recently, we’ve begun to offer video production to our clients.

South Jersey Video Production

Alongside still images, video can be a powerful way to put your brand on the map, and we’re excited to start offering them.  In addition to a couple recent commercial bookings for video, we’ve rolled out a portfolio of sample videos to show prospective clients what we’re capable of.  We hope you’ll take a look!  Moving forward, we’re certain these offerings will continue to grow and become more refined!

NJ Videographer

So why us?  Well, for one, we approach our video production offerings in a similar way to our traditional photography sessions.  During our client consultation, we ask the right questions to get to know you and your brand.  We’ll help you to dig deep and find out just what message you want to communicate to your audience.  Our creative approach will help you to communicate this vision in a stunning fashion.

Commercial Video Production

You see, we understand that when you contact us, you’re not really looking for pretty pictures and stunning video.  Nope.  You’re really looking for a way to drive customer engagement, create trust in your brand, and reach more customers.  With years of imaging experience, and the highest quality equipment and software at our disposal, you can expect an unparalleled final product.  Here’s a look at a few types of video that can have a tremendous impact on your marketing.

  • Client Testimonial Videos
  • Interviews
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Video Tours
  • Time Lapses
  • Motion Portraits
  • Product Demos
  • Branding Videos / Promotional Videos

And, of course, there are many more!

Video Marketing

Here’s a handful of our recent favorites.  We hope you will check them out, and swing by our Video Production Portfolio to see more.  Oh, and if you have questions, don’t be shy!

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Highlight Slideshow #3 – Team Headshots & Portraits

Readers of our blog will hopefully have that the chance to check out and follow along with our recent series of blog posts on how we can get them and their brands noticed with outstanding photography and video.  Each installment takes on a different topic, can provides some great ideas on how to utilize premium imagery in your branding.  For each post, we’re posting a companion slideshow on our YouTube Channel with highlight images.

If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, we definitely recommend you do!  Below are the links to past posts.

“How We Can Get You Noticed”

#1 – Commercial Portraits | Highlight Video

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#3 – Team Headshots | Highlight Video (You are here!)

And so here it is!  The follow up to our latest post on headshots for your entire team.  Whether simple headshots or more stylized portraits, sessions like these are way different to put together logistically.  It’s really the details that count in making these sessions come together smoothly.  At S18 Photography, we know the right questions to ask and the right recommendations to make, and you’re going to want to work with someone with knowledge and experience to ensure your session goes off without a hitch!

Our Team Headshots will help build your rock solid brand and build trust and authority with your audience.  Here’s the highlights!  (Oh, and be sure to check out the original article at the link above!)

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