Trade Show Exhibits – NJ Professional Photographer

Back in May, the folks at Apple Rock New York / New Jersey (formerly known as ExhibitCraft) reached out to us for some commercial photography.  Their company creates incredible custom trade show booths, kiosks, interactive displays, portable displays, etc.  You get the picture!  With locations across the country, they have worked with over 15,000 clients to create award-winning displays for just about every industry imaginable.  The work they do is really cool stuff, and we were very excited to work with them!

NJ Commercial Photography

When they contacted us, there was a large trade show coming up with the cosmetics industry, and they were looking for us to head out to photograph some of their custom creations.  We headed up to the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center up in Edison, NJ, a place we’ve done a lot of work before, to create some images of their custom booths.

South Jersey Photographers

We had to be sure to arrive early to ensure that we could get the photos before the event began and the location was filled with people.  While I’m not known to be much of a morning person, we arrived about 2 hours before the event was set to begin.  We quickly gained access to the locations we needed to be at, and also quickly realized that we would be in for a bit of a delicate balancing act.  While we had certainly beaten the impending crowds (lines were already around the block!), a few of the booths were busy setting up!

South Jersey Product Photography

We had to be careful to get the shots we needed while not getting in the way of the folks setting up or getting them in the photos!  A few of the booths were empty, so this was no trouble, but we gave the booths racing the clock as much time as possible to stage their location.  In the end, we used a combination of careful camera placement and longer exposures to blur any individuals for some of the final shots we took.  We wrapped up shooting right about the time when the trade show floor was being opened up to attendees!  Perfect timing!  We hopped in the car just as the lines were funneling in!

NJ Corporate Photographer

The folks at Apple Rock were really happy with what we sent them, indicated that it was exactly what they were looking for!  It was a fun trip, and we really enjoyed headed up to the NJ Conference & Expo Center to take care of the shots they were looking for!  Here’s some of the images from the session!

4S0A8699 4S0A8758 4S0A8782 4S0A8786 4S0A8794 R 4S0A8802 4S0A8814 4S0A8818 4S0A8854 4S0A8874 4S0A8882 4S0A8894 4S0A8906 4S0A8910 4S0A8934 4S0A8958

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Highlight Slideshow #1 – NJ Commercial Portraits

We recently kicked off a series of blog posts focused on to showing folks what we’re all about and highlighting some of the many ways we can get them noticed.  The series is focused on the things we do that can help build your brand.  If you haven’t checked out the first installment, swing by and have a look!

In our first post, we focused on a few of our commercial portrait offerings, ranging from simple headshots to our more extensive branding portrait sessions.  From here, we moved on to show some bigger budget catalog and ad work.  Here’s an awesome video rundown we put together based on our last post!

Oh, and of course, you can always swing by our YouTube Channel to check out some more of what we’ve been up to!  Enjoy, and we hope to be hearing from you soon to book your session!

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How We Can Get You Noticed #1 – NJ Commercial Photographer

Today we’re kicking off a new series of blog entries, dedicated to showing potential clients a little more of what we’re all about and how we can help get them noticed.  These posts will show off some of what it is we do and offer ideas on how we can help you build your brand.

Commercial Portrait Photography

Let’s start off simple, and we’ll get to some of our more complex sessions in future posts.  We’ll begin with commercial portraits.  Now these aren’t family portraits or photos of your children on the beach.  (Nope, that’s our sister brand, S18 Newborns.)

Commercial portraits can be something used to build your individual brand, like headshots or a suite of branding images, or they can be something used to promote a company or it’s products, such as in an ad campaign. 

At S18 Photography, we do a tremendous amount of commercial portrait photography, and our sessions run the gamut of these.  We’ve had the privilege of working with individuals and companies from across the country to help them realize their vision.  Here’s a few examples of different types of commercial portraits we’ve done below along with sample images.

Headshot Photography Sessions

Our legendary headshot sessions are about as polished an image as you can get to show off your best self.  Whether you need a simple image for social media or something for a corporate biography, our headshot sessions are the way to go.  A lot of c-suite executives come to us looking for a variety of images… some more formal for their client-facing bio, and some more casual for internal memos to employees, etc. 

The benefits of investing in your personal brand are almost endless, and people do business with others they know like and trust.  If you want to be taken seriously as a professional, you’ll skip the selfie and get a great headshot!

erin outdoor hs ben d headshot

Branding Portraits

Our more extensive commercial portrait sessions for individuals typically involve consulting with our clients about the type of image they are looking to portray and creating a custom set of images that communicates the vision of their brand.  These are awesome sessions for someone who is looking for more than a simple headshot.  Often times, clients who contact us for these are the face of a brand, company owners, a product spokesperson, or business leaders who need to connect with the public. 

Our approach to these is really unique, and our clients are thrilled with the host of images that we can provide for a variety of media channels.  These are also some of our favorite sessions, as the nature of our approach lets us really get to know some terrific people!

christy branding sb Joe branding sb

Catalogues & Ad Campaigns

Marketing directors and other individuals who handle branding for a company’s products or services typically contact us for this type of thing.  These sessions are typically specific, and usually involve larger companies that want to make sure they can hire a photographer they know they will be able to count on.  We’ve done catalog shoots for companies, shot ad campaigns for others, and even shot campaigns aimed at emphasizing employee craftsmanship for company brochures.  These sessions can be larger, logistically complex, and involve bigger budgets.  Because of this, it’s important to hire a photographer who not only focuses on great images, but also knows how to handle all of the logistical hurdles.  We’ve got this down to a science, and we love these types of sessions and our clients!

Well, that’s a wrap for today, but we hope you’ll swing by again for future posts!  We’ll continue going into the ways we can use photography to communicate your vision and get you noticed, along with our regular posts about recent sessions!

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It’s Been Busy! – NJ Commercial Photographer

Wow!  We’ve certainly had a busy few months, and I haven’t had a chance to post something in quite some time!  I’m glad to finally have a chance to start catching up on some blog posts and sharing some of the really terrific sessions we’ve had.  Throughout May & June we’ve had the tremendous opportunity to work with some great new individuals and companies for a number of photo sessions.  At S18 Commercial, we’ve had a number of large commercial shoots, individual headshot sessions, and even a host of real estate photography sessions to keep us busy.  We’re always grateful for the opportunities to work with folks, and it’s even better when we have the chance to make some new friends.  Here’s some of the highlights from what we’ve been up to!  I’m sure we’ll post more about these sessions in the coming weeks!

Commercial Photography

Back in May, we had the chance to do some commercial photography for ExhibitCraft, a company that designs custom trade-show booths.  We headed up to Edison, NJ to the New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center to photograph some of their creations, and they were incredible!  Have a look at a few shots!

trade show booth 1 convention booth 2

Headshots & Environmental Portraits

Next up, we did some headshots & environmental portraits for Enterprise Holdings.  Now this was an exciting shoot!  Enterprise Holdings is the parent company for Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Alamo, and National, and they are the largest car rental service provider in the world measured by revenue, employees and fleet!  Holy moly!  The best part of this session by far was the people.  These guys were awesome, and we loved working with them!  They were terrific to do business with, and we definitely made a few new friends.  Here’s a shot or two from our session with Enterprise!

brandon headshot 1 enterprise environmental portrait

Conference Headshots

Next up, we headed over the bridge to the Philadelphia Convention Center for the DIA (Develop Innovate Advance) Conference, one of the largest global, interdisciplinary events with companies and individuals from all facets of the healthcare field.  Here, we spent three days providing conference headshots for the exhibit run by the team at Medpoint Digital.  Medpoint is a provider of world-class technology to the healthcare industry, and we really enjoyed spending time with their folks and getting to know them a bit.  Here’s a shot or two from when we had some downtime.

DSCF1994 DSCF2003

Personal Work

On the personal front, my sister-in-law gave birth to my new nephew, a few friends popped into the studio, and I made my annual trek up to Coney Island for the Mermaid Parade!  Here’s some shots!

DSCF1663 4S0A2526 twilight 4S0A6890

Lastly, we at S18 Photography want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!  We hope all of our friends & clients have an awesome weekend!

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Technical Recruiter Mike – NJ Portrait Photography

Mike is a lead technical recruiter and account manager for a major IT recruiting company which has offices throughout the country.  He got in touch with us recently about getting some updated headshots for his his professional bio and social media.  Like most of our business headshot clients, he thought it would be a good idea to get a mix of professional and casual styled shots to give him some variety.

South Jersey Headshots

Working with Mike was really great, and I enjoyed getting to know him a bit during his session.  We are both alumni of Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ, and it was great to chat about old college stories and how the campus has grown.  We also talked about his job, where he provides professional recruiting for permanent and contract technical positions.  He mentioned working a lot with the folks looking for work with cloud technology.  It’s always good to get to know clients and find out about their careers so that we can really nail down exactly what they want to portray in their images.

NJ Professional Headshots

While some folks view a business headshot as a boring studio image with a suit and stiff smile, we recognize that they can offer a huge opportunity if done well.  People are generally very responsive to visual information, and a great headshot is an awesome opportunity to connect to your target audience and communicate a strong message about yourself.  Your profile image can say a lot about you, and it is often one of the first ways in which we connect with other professionals.  It’s imperative that you get this right!

Sewell, NJ Portrait Studio

Mike’s session was a breeze, and after a handful of formal studio shots, we decided to head outside for some more casual images.  He really wanted a natural look and feel so that he could get as much use out of them as possible.  It was a challenge to photograph him in the harsh, mid-day sun in the back of our building, but I think we really nailed it.  A quick reflector to kill any nasty shadows and a nice tree for a quick background, and things were looking good!  Here’s some shots from Mike’s session!

4S0A4888 CL 4S0A4947 CL 4S0A5017 CL 4S0A5044 CL 4S0A5052 v CL

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