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Back when I was starting out, I set up at a local real estate brokerage to provide headshots for some of the agents.  One guy who wandered in was stuck on his cell phone.  We’ll call him “Bob.”

I jokingly dragged Bob in front of the lens, phone and all, and snapped a few candid shots of him conversing.  Surprisingly enough, the guy was in love with these shots.  While I meant them as sort of a joke, he actually thought I had nailed it, mentioning he marketed the fact that he always returns clients’ calls.  It was his gimmick.

Look, I’ll be honest… I’m not winning a Pulitzer for the shot.  A bit cheesy?  Maybe.  But it worked, and he loved it.  Here was a guy who understood the importance of branding himself and investing in his image, and I came through for him.

Building Your Personal Brand

Soon after, Bob reached out to us to have S18 Photography exclusively photograph all of his listings.  In the next 4 years, we did a TON of business with him, and he’s become one of our favorite clients.  Oh, and another thing….

He’s become hugely successful.

Bob’s team grew from a single, overworked agent to a thriving enterprise of 7+ individuals, and all the way he’s sung our praises.  A few weeks back, one of his assistants mentioned to me that he credits our outstanding photos of his listings as something that has really helped differentiate his business and propel him to success.

In addition, a homeowner we were with mentioned that she had chosen to work with Bob because of his distinct headshot.  She just laughed saying, “You know, it may sound silly, but I just liked it.  He looked trustworthy, and I thought it was clever.  I liked how he presented himself.”

This even surprised me, but his assistant mentioned back with a laugh, “You know, you wouldn’t believe how many clients have said that!  So many people call and mention how that photo had hooked them when they saw it!”

South Jersey Photo Studio

We all shared a laugh about it, but it really illustrates something powerful.

  • This guy is fantastically successful.  Why?  Well, I’m sure for a lot of reasons.  But, one of them is certainly that he has chosen to invest in his personal brand.  Yes, he uses professional photography to represent his work, but he also uses it to present himself.
  • It illustrates just how many folks view a profile image and make a judgement of a person, in this case on his professionalism.
  • If you don’t think a solid professional image matters when building your personal brand, you’re out of your mind!  This is a first hand account of how important this stuff is.

Professional Headshots & Branding Portraits

Looking back over the past five years, our clients overwhelmingly consist of folks who can be divided into one of two groups:

  • Individuals who are extraordinarily successful.
  • Individuals who are on their way to becoming extraordinarily successful.

There’s a common theme here.  Our clients know the value of investing in themselves and building their personal brand.  They understand just how important it is to present yourself well and build trust with an exceptional headshot.

Do you think they have it wrong?  Are you still considering that iPhone selfie for your business profile?  You just better hope your competition doesn’t take their branding more seriously!

Get in touch with us and be a rockstar at building your personal brand.

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