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Kathleen was awesome, and she came by the studio recently for an updated headshot for LinkedIn and her other business profiles.  She was referred to us by another one of our past clients, who also happened to be a lot of fun to work with!  Kathleen is an executive with experience as a Vice President of a large mortgage company and a host of other senior level positions.  Her current focus is in employee training and talent development, and she needed an image that would complement her extensive resume.

Crisp, Professional Headshots

We were happy that she reached out to us, and her session was a breeze!  She brought along her super cool personality, and we had a blast.  We kicked the session off with some simple, more formal-style portraits against a gray backdrop, and towards the end, we did some shots against our light blue backdrop to really complement her eye color.  We were able to come up with some really solid, crisp, and professional images for her profile.

Branding Yourself

Now, here is something interesting about Kathleen’s session that we would really like to point out for potential future clients of ours.  It’s about branding yourself with an image that portrays yourself to others the way you want to be seen.

Kathleen opted for an image review session after the shoot, and we had narrowed the images down to a handful that she was deciding between for retouching.  Out of the few images she was choosing between she pointed to two in particular.  The first was one in which she exclaimed “That’s me!  Right there!  That’s exactly my personality in that shot!  You nailed it!”

However, she then pointed to the other image and said “You know what?  This one has more of an executive presence, and that’s really what I’m going for here.”  After a few minutes of thinking it over, she went with the second image.  So… what’s the take-away here?

A Seasoned, Professional Photographer

Our sessions are dynamic and engaging, and we have a host of tools in our arsenal when it comes to getting folks to look and feel their best.  We’re confident that the coaching we provide and the personalized interactions in our sessions are able to bring out anyone’s personality.  We’re able to get nervous clients to let their guard down, relax, and give us genuine expressions in our images.

While it’s important that you choose a photographer that will get you looking your very best, it’s also super important that your photographer doesn’t miss out on another big key… the intent of the image.

In every session, we ask our commercial portrait clients how they would like to portray themselves.  “How do you want to look in your portrait?”

It may sound trivial, but it’s very important.  Does a client want to look warm and approachable or confident with an executive presence?  Or… is the answer somewhere in between?  We really hone in on this type of stuff in our sessions, getting our clients to look exactly how they want to.  In this case, Kathleen was an executive, and she wanted to make sure she looked the part.  Here’s her final image, some kind words she passed along, and some other shots from the session!

Thanks so much for making today fun and having such patience with my long decision making process!! I will definitely recommend you!

– Kathleen W.

IMG_8734 CL

Kathleen’s final pick… a confident, poised executive look.

IMG_8738 CL

We nailed it here! This is her smiling & showing us some personality!

IMG_8943 CL

Oh, how cool is the blue backdrop here? Perfectly complements her eyes and shirt! This one pops!

Oh, and she was also cool enough to do some fun shots with us at the end of the session for a personal project I’ve been working.  Here’s the shots from us goofing around & replicating the cheesy high school yearbook rose photo!

IMG_8969 bw CL

Good thing we had some fake flowers around the studio!

IMG_8971 bw CL

Of course, had to throw in the one with the smile!

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