Cedar Brook, NJ Real Estate Photography Session

It’s been pouring for at least the past week or so, making it tough to schedule our real estate photography sessions.  Around a week ago, my friend Cindy called us for some photos of a super-awesome, 6,000 sf home down in Cedar Brook, NJ, and I was really excited to go see it.

On the day of the session, it was raining on and off, but the weather held out while I shot the entire interior and exterior.  I headed off to grab a bite to eat before setting up for a twilight photo, and go figure… it started pouring!  I tried to wait it out, but I was seriously frustrated.  I didn’t want my twilight shot getting rained out!  Even though they are a ton of work, they just look so cool!

Despite the downpour, I decided I was going for it anyway!  I was committed, so I set up my super-expensive camera gear huddled under my lighting umbrella.  (Smart guy… I know!)  My camera was wrapped in a plastic grocery bag, and the umbrella was only enough to cover the gear… so I was getting pretty wet.  Needless to say, we got ourselves a twilight shot, and I couldn’t be more proud of it!  This 25 second exposure was a win in my book!  The owners apparently loved the shot too.  Here’s what they had to say, the shot, and then a handful of the other photos from the session!

(By the way, be sure to drop Cindy a line if you know someone interested in the home… Cindy’s Page)

OMG! I can’t believe the difference! This guy was a true artist, he was sooo patient and I can’t believe how long he was out in that rain. If we can’t get attention with shots like this then we must be living on an ancient Indian burial ground :]

– Jen & Keith, homeowners

Yup… this is really a tanning bed! It’s that awesome!

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