Cheril – Model Shoot in Philadelphia

So my friend Cheril, also a photographer, had some concepts she came up with.  The idea was that she was going to direct a model or two & do the photography for the session.  Eventually, however, she decided to give me a ring & see if I wanted to collaborate on something creative…  I’m a good sport, so I said sure, and we were off to the races with some of the ideas…

The plan was to do some Asian-themed photos, and she was going to model with me providing the photography.  She also had a make-up artist & hair stylist on board.  Cheril bought a great dress, and we wrestled with the idea of where to shoot for a bit.

We thought we might head out to a local Japanese garden, but it started looking like we might not be able to shoot during hours with optimal sunlight.  We were hoping for something around the golden hour, and so ultimately, we took the session to Photographers in Philadelphia studio, a Northeast Philly studio where I am a member.  We experimented with different backgrounds, etc.  I think the results came out pretty great!  Here are some of the shots!

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