Christina – Oncology Nurse Navigator – NJ Headshot Session

A friend of mine is a physician liaison for 21st Century Oncology, Radiation Therapy Services, Inc., which operates cancer treatment centers across the United States and Latin America.  She has referred a number of clients our way over the years (which is super cool, and we definitely appreciate it!)  Recently, she reached out to me about doing some headshot photography for some of the folks who work at one of the local offices she works at.

Headshots are one of our specialties, and we set things in motion pretty quickly.  This corporate photography session was to be on location in their local office, and we were scheduled to photograph two individuals, Christina, a nurse navigator, and Dr. Saul, an oncologist.  The coolest thing about the whole ordeal was the way the sessions unfolded.

The medical profession is pretty hectic, with people traveling between various offices.  When I showed up a bit early to set up at their Voorhees, NJ office, no one was there yet, and the receptionist wasn’t quite sure where I should set up.  The patients receiving treatment were gone for the day, and after talking with a few of the nurses, we decided that we were going to just move some chairs around and set up in the waiting room.  It sounded good enough!

Pretty soon, my first client Christina, the nurse navigator had arrived and we were ready to start shooting.  Christina was pretty cool, and I enjoyed working with her.  She had a good sense of humor, was pretty outgoing, and in the end, we were able to get an image that she was happy with!  Here’s some of the photos from our session!

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