Collingswood, NJ Real Estate Photography Session

Every once in a while, the stars seem to align, and everything seems to go right at a photo session.  This is exactly how I felt about my recent real estate photography session in Collingswood, NJ.  Even the weather co-operated!  You may remember our clients Dan & Carrie from their Corporate Portraits / Headshots session back in February.  Veterinarians looking to relocate to Idaho, they first came to us for some high key, black and white headshots.  They were very happy with the results and upon seeing our work with real estate photography, they decided to hire us again to photograph their home.  The were, of course, looking to help it sell as quickly & easily as possible.

I was very happy to head out & get them some beautiful photos of their home.  I really enjoyed photographing the house, and since we had a great time working together previously, I knew this would be a good experience!  While I worked, we had a chance to chat about some of the home’s features.  Their house had some really cool design, and Dan mentioned to me that he had done quite a bit of work to it since they had moved in some years ago.  Dan & Carrie’s home was bright, colorful, and welcoming, and I am sure they will have little trouble selling it.

They even had a room with a Murphy bed… remember those things?  — the really cool beds with the hinge that fold up to the wall!  Anyway, here are some of my favorite shots from the session!  Normally, I don’t post as many photos… but this house was just so cool!

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