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William is a construction executive from the New Brunswick, NJ area.  He gave us a ring a few weeks back and said he was looking for a handful of headshots for his professional profiles and some printed materials.  We talked a bit about what types of images he was going for, and he explained that he was hoping we could do something outdoors and in a sort-of urban style environment.  Of course, he wanted the shots to be crisp & professional, but at the same time, he really wanted to steer away from a sterile or boring studio look.  He needed something to go along with his profession, and he sent me a sample shot that a friend had done which sort of inspired him.

We were able to set something up pretty quickly, and it was great to be able to head out of the studio for an on-location session now that the weather was getting a bit nicer.  Immediately, when I saw the example shot he sent me, my mind was set on an area over in Haddonfield, NJ where I like to shoot.  I felt like the street there would be perfect for the type of images he was looking for, and it turns out it was.  As soon as he showed up, William mentioned that the location was perfect… exactly what he was looking for.

William and I scheduled the session close to sunset so that we would have some nice, golden light to work with.  The only issue that arose is that William was traveling for quite a distance for the session, and he wound up getting hung up in some serious traffic.  He called ahead and said that his hour long trip was turning into an hour & a half trip thanks to the traffic on the NJ Turnpike.  We both considered rescheduling because our fear was that the good lighting would be gone by time he arrived.  We definitely didn’t want it to be too late and getting dark.  He asked me to make the call, and I voted we go ahead with it.  Why not…?  I had enough tricks up my sleeve, and figured we could pull it off.

Thankfully, I was right!  It was definitely was getting a bit darker towards the end of the session, but we had a great time.  William showed up later than we both thought, but he was a really nice guy with a ton of charisma.  He had a super confident presence, and a great look.  I nailed a ton of really solid shots for him, and he couldn’t be happier.  I was showing him shots on the back of my camera as we worked together, and it only made his smile bigger.  Here’s some of what we came up with!

 IMG_6169 R CL







IMG_6365 bw

IMG_6321 R CL

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