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Recently, the folks over at AUS, Inc., a technology & consulting company located in Mt. Laurel, NJ reached out to us for some headshots & corporate portraits for a handful of their consultants.  While their headquarters is in Mt. Laurel, AUS, Inc. has locations throughout the US, both on the east and west coast.   They handle consulting, marketing, and technology expertise, and are in the process of revitalizing their web presence with an agency out of New York City.

Ultra-premium headshot photography and executive portraiture is one of the things we specialize in, so we’re no stranger to working with both individuals and large enterprises alike to get them specific looks or image styles.  We’ve had people travel from all over the country to be photographed by us.  As this was to be the first of a series of sessions, AUS was looking to establish a look that would be both crisp & clean, yet easy to replicate in their other locations.  They wanted a uniform look across their staff, and were really relying on us to set the pace.

They sent us some rough ideas of what they had in mind… shots on a simple light and dark neutral backgrounds without anything complex or super-fancy.  They were also looking to see if we could provide the images in both color and black & white.  We assured them that this would be no problem, and scheduled the times for their consultants to be photographed.

First up is Pauline!  She was very nice, with a friendly and welcoming personality.  I enjoyed working with her quite a bit, and she was quite a conversationalist!  AUS was very happy with the images and looking forward to using them in their newly-designed site.  Here’s some of the shots from Pauline’s session!

 pauline sb-2

pauline sb-4

pauline sb-3

pauline sb-1

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