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Erin reached out to us a few weeks back, looking to get a handful of new headshots.  While she had been photographed by someone else a little while back, she just thought her current profile image fell flat.  As a professional who does a great deal of public speaking engagements, she really wanted to ensure that her headshot showed off more of her personality.  She sent along a sample of her current headshot, and mentioned how she had really liked the work on our site.  Right from the start, I could tell Erin was really going to be great to work with!

Headshots with Personality

Through our consultation with Erin, we were able to really nail down exactly what type of image she was looking to portray.  She suggested something outdoors, and we scheduled her session at one of our favorite locations.  We really felt that the scenery and variety would work perfectly with the look and feel she wanted.  While it’s somewhere that I’ve photographed clients many times before, I made sure to swing by with my daughter a few days before the shoot to scout locations again.  I wanted to make sure I had a solid game plan going into the session.

Outdoor Headshots

I really appreciated Erin’s desire to really aim high and get some great images.  It made me want to work that much harder to really do a terrific job for her.  During some of our consultations, I provided some coaching and suggestions that I thought would really help her set the right tone during her session, and she really took our advice.  She even took the time to send along examples of images she liked, annotated with the reasons why, etc.  Very cool!  I always let clients know that the more information they can provide us about what they want, the more we can be sure to hone in and nail it!

South Jersey Headshot Photographer

Erin’s session couldn’t have been more fun!  She arrived, looking terrific and bursting with personality.  She had a super cool personality and was one of those vibrant people you just want to be around!  Working with her was a blast, and her session was a breeze.  The final images came out awesome, and she was really happy with them.  It was really great to make a new friend along the way too!  Here’s some shots from the session along with the coolest outtake ever!

4S0A4080 CL

4S0A4001 CL

4S0A4084 CL

4S0A4205 CL

4S0A4176 CL

4S0A4254 CL

4S0A4277 CL

One for the record books!  Oh, come on… this outtake is epic!

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