Corporate Portraits / Headshots – Collingswood, NJ Veterinarians

Tis the season… for headshots!  Yup, since it’s the beginning of the year, a good number of people have been stopping by to refresh their image with a new headshot for their business.  I have to be honest… I love doing headshots almost as much as I like shooting wedding and event photography.  While it’s not as fast-paced, headshots are a real chance to connect with the subject in a one-on-one scenario.  This works well, because my style of photography is very engaging.  My very outgoing personality tends to put clients at ease, so I can really focus on bringing out their best qualities in my images.  (I love working with studio lighting too!)

Dan & Carrie are veterinarians from Collingswood, NJ, and they recently decided to relocate to Idaho.  What a move!  The veterinary hospital where they will both be working has a webpage where the doctors all have a very high key, black & white headshots on their profiles.  They were looking for something with the same look, so that it would blend nicely with the other bios.  These guys were really fun clients, and I definitely enjoyed working with them.  Dan had a very laid back personality, while Carrie was a natural in front of the camera.

Being vets, they were probably some of the few clients we have that wouldn’t mind our giant goldendoodle Diego jumping all over them.  However, we make sure to keep Diego out of the studio when we are working with clients! 🙂  Here’s what we came up with:

This last one is Carrie’s impression of that Olympic Gymnast who was just “not that impressed.”  (McKayla Maroney, I think…)  It’s always good to throw in some fun shots.  It makes for a good time, & keeps people at ease…

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