Corporate Portraits / Headshots Session – NJ Mortgage Sales Manager

Matt is a sales manager for AnnieMac Home Mortgage in Mt. Laurel, NJ, and he was referred to us by a friend for some new headshots. He’s a charismatic guy with a great personality, and we’re really glad we had the chance to work with him.  He & his girlfriend stopped by the studio a few weeks back, and the session went great.  They had a good time, and he remarked how quick and painless the process was.

Part of my approach to studio portraits & headshots is to make our clients as feel comfortable as possible while bringing out (and enhancing) their best traits.  This was easy with Matt, because he brought a lot of personality to the table.  Matt wanted to try out a number of different looks… different suits & jackets, something we don’t mind at all.  Some studios are strict about the number of outfits the clients can try, but for me, it’s more about making sure the client gets the look they want… one that makes them feel great.  I’m there to get them an image that makes them look and feel awesome.  Period.   In the end, we were done in under 30 minutes anyway, a double-win (since we usually schedule headshots for half hour sessions).  Altogether, the shoot went really well.  Here’s some of what we came up with…

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