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A few weeks back, Linda, the regional administrator for 21st Century Oncology contacted us about doing some headshots for a new doctor at their practice, Dr. D’Emilia.  You may remember some of our previous work for 21st Century Oncology from Dr. Saul’s session or Nurse Navigator Christina’s session.  We love working with these guys, and it’s usually a really cool experience.  In fact, Katie has actually done a newborn photography session for Linda’s new bundle of joy over at our sister site S18 Newborns.

Just like the last sessions, we scheduled for an on-location shoot, and I arrived after the office’s working hours after the day’s patient therapy had concluded.  We decided that it would be best to set up our small, portable backdrop and lighting right in the center of the patient waiting room.  haha… The places we find to set up on location for a session always amuse me… from waiting rooms to sports bar banquet rooms, we’ve put together some clever location setups!

Soon after, I met Dr. D’Emilia, a really nice guy, who was really easy to work with.  I enjoyed chatting with him & getting to know him a bit while snapping some shots.  These on-location sessions tend to move quickly!  Initially, I noticed he was looking for a more serious, almost prestigious-looking image, but after showing him some of the shots, he agreed that they were coming out a bit stiff & severe looking.  I suggested that we go for a more compassionate, welcoming expression, and after a few clicks, we had our shot!  Here’s what we came up with!

IMG_3373 CL

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