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A week or so ago, I did some headshots for 21st Century Oncology, Radiation Therapy Services, Inc. at their office over in Voorhees, NJ.  It was a corporate photography session set up by my friend who happens to be one of their physician liaisons.  You can see some other images from my visit in my recent post on Christina, the nurse navigator.  The session was pretty unique, as most corporate photography sessions tend to be, and ultimately, I wound up setting up for the photos in the waiting room!

Dr. Saul is an oncologist for 21st Century Oncology, and he’s also a pretty cool guy.  I enjoyed chatting with him during his session and even a bit after.  On the side, he does magic tricks, often at children’s parties and for some children who are his patients.  He mentioned how he enjoys magic because it’s a great way to put a smile on people’s faces.  I can imaging that being a doctor working to heal patients with serious conditions goes right along with him being able to make children feel better with laughter and a good time.

I enjoyed photographing Dr. Saul most because I really felt that he had a face with good character.  He had kind, caring eyes, and when he smiled, he almost always naturally smiled with his whole face.  Here’s some of the shots I got!


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