Eastampton, NJ Real Estate Photography Session

Our friend Erik’s doing a terrific job this year listing homes.  You may remember him from this portrait photography session a while back.  Erik sells a great deal of homes, and we enjoy working with him a lot.  He loves our work, and so he gives us a ring every time he has a new home to list that needs photography.

Recently, he called us about a listing up the road from us in Eastampton, NJ.  After a quick call to the owner, we were all set, and I headed out to photograph the home.  The owner was a pretty nice guy who enjoyed the outdoors and was planning on moving somewhere warmer… Florida if I recall correctly.  His house was very nice, with a number of custom features like an in ground pool and a really nice sunroom, but the part that really wowed me was just how clean this place was!  This guy’s house was pristine!  I laughed and joked that he either was a really clean guy, or he had staged the place before my visit.  He chuckled and remarked how he always kept his house this nice… In that case, he’s welcome to swing by our place anytime & lend a hand!  Here’s some of my shots…

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