Ehsan – South Jersey Portrait Photographer

Ehsan contacted us in early December 2014 about setting up a portrait session in early January 2015.  A civil engineer, he mentioned that he had just been nominated for a prestigious award, and he was to be featured in an article in an upcoming magazine publication.  He mentioned that he would need to submit some images to be published, and he had been looking for a photographer who could replicate the specific look he wanted to emulate in his images.  His goal was to have the images look very polished and professional, but stylized similar to the images you might see in major publications like GQ or Esquire.

I was certain we could set him up with a session that would nail exactly the look he wanted, and he even sent me a number of image samples for what he would like his images to look like.  It was a cool project in my opinion, and we’ve actually had some really interesting portrait sessions lately.  A few weeks prior I was commissioned to re-create an image of a client’s grandfather taken in Iran, circa 1973, and now, I was being asked to provide a series of editorial-style images.  Very cool!

We set a date in early January, and I spent some time planning out a small shot list that I would use as sort of a “jumping off point” for the session.  It’s always good to go in as prepared as possible, and then be flexible and adapt to any changes along the way.  As a photographer, there’s sometimes a delicate balance between being prepared and ensuring that you don’t overlook inspiration or creative ideas on the spot.

Within the first minutes of the session, Ehsan & I were having a great time and producing images that he loved.  He had brought along his girlfriend, and she was both enjoying spending time with us in the studio and the look of the images that I was showing them on the back of my camera.  Overall, it was a pleasure to work with them both, and we got some really cool editorial portraits.  Here’s some of the images from Ehsan’s session!

IMG_2129 -2 bw CL

IMG_2091 -2 final

IMG_2301 CL

IMG_2103 CL

IMG_2116 CL


IMG_2313 -2

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