English Mastiff Puppies – Cream Ridge, NJ Pet Photography Session

Wow!  What a cool photo session!  A friend of a friend just happens to breed English Mastiff puppies, and they just had a litter of 10 adorable puppies.  This was something we couldn’t pass up!  For those of you who don’t know what an English Mastiff is… think big, really BIG!  The owner has four adults, one which weighs around 240 lbs or so… and he’s actually a pretty lean dog!   More so than just being large, these dogs have a really great temperament.  They were just really gorgeous dogs, and working with the puppies was terrific!

This session was really unique for us, and our new friends really loved the photos & the experience.  Rather than focusing on making people feel great about how they look in their photos, we wound up putting smiles on people’s faces by focusing on their beloved puppies.  It was a little different, but still really felt rewarding.  While we don’t do a whole lot of pet photography, Katie was a natural at this.  Her expertise at photographing newborns came in handy, as she put her calming influence to work. (You can see more of Katie’s work at our sister-site www.s18newborns.com) Truth be told, these might have been the easiest puppies to photograph in the world, because they were so well behaved!  Anyway, enough talking… here’s some of the photos!

With all of these puppies around, we couldn’t help but bring our little assistant along!  Sydney had a blast playing with the “wittle puppy doggies!”

And last, but not least, we had to snap a few photos of the awesome adult English Mastiffs.  Here’s one for the road!

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