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Back in early June, the folks at Enterprise Holdings reached out to us to discuss a commercial photography session for a few campaigns they were working on.  Enterprise Holdings is the parent company for Enterprise Rent-a-Car, National Car Rental, and Alamo Rent a Car, among other things.  With revenues of $20.9 Billion and a footprint in 85 countries & territories around the world, they are the largest car rental service provider in the world measured by revenue, employees and fleet!  Wow!  Needless to say, we’re honored they decided to contact us for a commercial photo session.

NJ & Philadelphia Commercial Photographer

From the start, working with Enterprise was really a pleasure.  They were efficient, easy to communicate with, and just a downright nice group of people.  They were looking for a two-part session comprised of photographs for their career website.  What they needed was a set of commercial headshots of two of their employees with various expressions to show off their personalities, and a set of environmental images illustrating some of what a day in the life of an enterprise employee might be like.  Pretty quickly, we were able to square away details and get a session scheduled.

Commercial Portrait Photographer

Enterprise was really accommodating, and they chose a location close to us for the session, even though they had a number of folks coming in from out of town.  One branch manager who we would be photographing was traveling from a few hours away in Pennsylvania, but she definitely had no trouble finding a rental car to travel with!  Our subjects were Brandon, an assistant store manager, and Meghan, a branch manager, both of whom had incredible personality and charisma.  It was easy to tell why they had been chosen for the session, as they were bursting with personality… just really engaging, positive people!  We even joked around about who could bring more charisma into their session.

South Jersey Headshots

First up, we set up a space in their beautiful location for some commercial headshots in the style they requested.  Prior to the session, they had sent us samples of specifically the look they needed to replicate, and we had brought along the equipment that would do the job.  I really think they had a great look in mind… clean, crisp, well-lit, and really focused on the great personalities of the subjects.  These headshots were a breeze with both Meghan and Brandon, as they really brought a lot a character and charisma!

South Jersey Photographer

Next, we moved on to the environmental portraits that would emulate a day in the life of an Enterprise employee. This was a lot of fun, and we pretty much had free reign over using any of the vehicles we needed!  How cool is that.  Everyone was particularly fond of a white Jaguar on the lot, so we worked it into a few shots and just generally had a great time with everyone creating images.

NJ Corporate Photography

In the end, we had a tremendous experience with really great hosts, and we’re proud of the opportunity and the images we created for them.  Here’s a handful of shots from the session, along with a slideshow of highlights!

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Highlight Video Slideshow

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