Financial Advisor Michael – NJ Headshot Photographer

Michael is a Vice President of E Street Financial LLC located in Marlton, NJ, and he is a financial advisor for securities and insurance who has trained financial advisors all across the country.  He’s also a seriously nice guy, and working with him was truly a pleasure.  He reached out to us for a headshot session to get an updated portrait to go with his corporate bio and other marketing materials.  We instantly hit it off.  Prior to his current position, he had worked for Prudential Securities, and I had enjoyed chatting with him a bunch about his background.

During headshot sessions, I really feel it’s important to make a connection with my clients.  A lot of people that come to us are really nervous about being photographed, and being able to relate to them and build a strong rapport really helps to ease any tension in the air.  Getting folks to feel comfortable and let down their guard is one of the many ways that I’m able to draw out sincere, genuine expressions.  I’m just not content to produce those typical, stiff (a.k.a. “soul-less”) corporate images where you can tell the person was posed and they are straining to hold a smile.  Whether its a full headshot session or even a super-fast session where I have very little time with the individual (such as when we do larger corporate bookings), I’m always able to get something genuine.  For our clients, it makes all the difference.

Michael was great, and we were able to get him a terrific headshot.  He even thanked us for making the process so easy.  Here’s some of the shots from his session!

IMG_4248 CL

IMG_4227 CL

IMG_4216 CL

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