First Friday in Philadelphia

This Friday night I went out with some friends from the South Jersey Photography & Art Group to enjoy First Friday in Philadelphia and do some twilight & street photography.  First Friday is an event that takes place in Philly on the first Friday evening of each month when the art galleries throw open their doors, rain or shine, and art lovers take to the streets to enjoy a terrific experience.

Typically, First Friday takes place between 1st and 3rd, and Market and Vine Street.  For the majority of the night, I wandered around with some other photographers, enjoying the sights & sounds.  We visited a number of galleries, and had the opportunity to see a number of street performers.  While most of the time, I simply took in the scenery, I did take a handful of snapshots that I thought were pretty interesting.

Some street performers who I found particularly interesting were these guys called the Squidling Bros. from a circus sideshow called Carnivolution.  These guys were doing sword swallowing and all kinds of pyrotechnics.  While the whole sword swallowing thing typically makes me cringe, I couldn’t help but be amused by the way these guys were stirring up mayhem.  The one guy was swallowing a sword in the middle of traffic, with the other blowing fire at oncoming cars.  These guys were wreaking havoc everywhere!

Haha… I love that last shot, which, by the way… I really almost missed!

By the end of the night, a few other photographers & I had wandered down to the Race Street Pier at the Ben Franklin Bridge, and we were taking a few twilight photos.  There was a band playing and a few groups of people enjoying the hot weather finally cooling down!

In the end, a handful of us met up at the Race Street Cafe for some cold drinks… altogether, a great night!

S18 Photography 2012

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  • louis dallara July 9, 2012  

    Great work !!

    • S18 Photography July 17, 2012  

      Thanks Lou!

  • Cory H. July 17, 2012  

    I think that is my friend Terry breathing fire…

    • S18 Photography July 18, 2012  

      Cool… yeah, these guys were great! They do some wild stuff… I think me & a few other photogs might be heading out to check out their show sometime soon!

  • Doug Stafford January 6, 2013  

    As one of the performers in the shots thanks.