“Yes, I’m That Awesome.”

Or: How I Learned to Stop

Worrying and Love Being in Front of the Lens

It’s here.  Our first eBook… jam packed with awesomeness.  And you can pick up a copy for FREE.  Yes, we’re giving it away completely for FREE when you sign up to receive e-mail updates to our blog posts.  Cool, huh?

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So What’s it About?

Great question!  Our eBook is all about giving you super-simple, really subtle tips to help you become more photogenic when the lens is pointed your way.

Katie and I have used these tips with our clients for a long time.  It doesn’t matter if it in a professional photo shoot or just in a camera phone snapshot with friends.  They work, and we’re positive anyone can use them to help them look and feel better in photos.

Sign up for updates, check out the eBook, and soon, you will be the one people see in photos and think… “Damn, he/she always looks great in photos!  I wish I was that photogenic!”  And when you hear that, you can just smirk and think to yourself…

“Yes, I’m That Awesome.”

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