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We’ve had scores of headshot sessions recently, and it has been really great to meet a host of new folks.  Gary is a real estate agent at Keller Williams Realty in Washington Twp., NJ, and he gave us a ring about setting up a session.  He mentioned that we were highly recommended by a lot of people he had spoken to, and so he decided to reach out to us for his professional portraits.  Very cool!  It’s always great to hear good things!

Gary mentioned that he was looking for something a bit different, and mentioned that he might like to have his session done outdoors.  I told him that this would be great, and we scheduled his shoot at one of our favorite outdoor locations, Laurel Acres Park in Mt. Laurel, NJ.  Outdoor sessions come out terrific, and our clients love the natural feel of the images.  They love the way the background just melts away, leaving the focus on the genuine expressions we get to come forth in their images.

For us, and our clients, it’s all about getting a shot that’s authentic.  It’s part of the reason that folks contact us.  I’m not a fan of cheesy, fake-looking expressions in our headshots… I just can’t do them.  Our clients just know that we’re going to work with them & get them looking their best.  They know that they’ll be leaving with something real & genuine.  With Gary, I could just sense that he was a solid guy.  He just struck me as a gentleman from our very first interaction, and he really had a steady, calm personality… not the type of guy that gets rattled by the small stuff.  I could appreciate this, and I’m sure his clients do as well.  He had a confident expression that made for some great images.  His wife had come along for the shoot and brought along their dog for a walk around the park.  As we were winding down our session, she wandered over to say hello, and this put a smile on Gary’s face.  A perfect set of expressions for the last stretch of our session.

It was a pleasure working with Gary, and meeting his wife (and their dog!)  He really liked the images, and mentioned that he hopes we can do business again sometime in the future.  That would be terrific, and we’d love to hear from him again down the road!  Here’s some shots from our session…

IMG_1885 R CL

IMG_1888 R CL

IMG_1969 R CL

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