Getting Sworn In! – Ocean County Courthouse

Recently, we had a really unique opportunity to photograph a very special occasion… one that not everyone gets to see, let alone photograph!  A friend of mine told me about her husband being sworn in as a judge in the Ocean County Courthouse in Ocean County, NJ, and she asked if we might be available to do photography for the ceremony.  Absolutely!  We were super happy to be able to capture the judge’s investiture ceremony, and it was an honor to be asked.

While it was definitely one of the more challenging ceremonies to photograph, she was super happy with the images we were able to come up with to memorialize the occasion!  She mentioned that she and her family were amazed that we had not only captured moments, but we had caught ones with so much expression and emotion.  I’m so glad we were able to do the event justice, and all the best to the newly sworn in judge!  Here’s some of the shots from the ceremony & reception!


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