Graphic Designer Stephanie – NJ Portrait Photographer

Stephanie was awesome!  She really was one of my favorite clients to work with.  Steph is a graphic designer and owner of the South Jersey marketing design company Panda Concepts.  Located in Voorhees, NJ, her company deals with commercial clients and provides a whole host of marketing and design services.  She was actually referred to us by her sister-in-law, Lauren, who you may remember from our post on her session.  You know you’re doing something right when folks are sending their friends and family members your way!

Headshots with Genuine Expressions

When Steph stopped in to the studio, she brought an awesome personality with her.  If I remember correctly, she mentioned that she had needed a new headshot and some portraits for quite some time, but she had been putting it off.  She needed some great images to go along with her brand, but she was a bit nervous about being photographed, mentioning she didn’t think she was very photogenic.  After seeing Lauren’s images, she was blown away, and she said they convinced her to book a session with us!  Very cool!

Commercial Portraits for Branding

Working with her was just plain awesome, and I remember having a lot of fun.  It’s always good to be able to have a few laughs during our sessions.  It really just takes the edge off things, and we’re experts at getting folks to feel comfortable in front of the lens!  We started by photographing her on a standard gray background, but eventually decided to take a detour, and photograph her on a super cool light blue color.

The color for her company is a really nice green, and I thought it would really provide the perfect complement to the purple shirt she was wearing.  Since we didn’t have that color of green backdrop on hand in the studio, I suggested that I could alter the blue in post production to the color of her logo, to best match her branding.  She loved the idea and her images!

Stunning Headshots and Portrait Photography

In fact, she liked the set so much, that she purchased additional images, and included a bunch of kind words in her emails.  It’s awesome when someone passes along some nice things about how great the images made them feel!  Here’s some of the images from the session, and some of the nice things Stephanie had to say!

You are amazing, Fred!! These were so much fun to look through! … We couldn’t pick only two!! You are soo good!!

– Stephanie B.

IMG_5283 CL

IMG_5243 CL

IMG_5290 CL

IMG_5358 CL

You are the best, Fred!! Thank you! I’m changing my LinkedIn photo now! And the green background is AWESOME! Thank you for doing that!!

I really enjoyed working with you too and will definitely stay in touch! Thank you so much for everything, Fred!

– Stephanie B.

IMG_5376 g2 CL

IMG_5387 CL

IMG_5380 CL

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