Haddon Heights Real Estate Photography Session

Local Realtor Mary Ann Lees has taken to hiring us just about every time she gets a new listing.  She loves our work, and we are honored that she calls us out so often.  She called us to photograph this gorgeous single family Victorian home in Haddon Heights, NJ a few weeks back.

While the home was really stunning, the best part, as is usually the case, is getting to chat with the owners.  I always have the privilege of meeting some great folks with some interesting stories.  This family in particular, enjoyed chatting with me as I photographed their home.

The father was a local police detective, and the family was looking to relocate down to warmer climates, as he was nearing retirement.  He talked a lot about how he was the photography instructor for the forensic photographers in his precinct.  He enjoyed swapping stories about crime scenes and cameras, all the while, his wife rolling her eyes.  In the end, everyone had a great time, and I snapped some really cool photos of an really beautiful home.  Here are a few of my images:


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