Clients are always asking us what to wear and how to prepare for their headshot sessions, so we figured we would put together a quick rundown of some tips on what to wear to get you looking your best.  Here goes…


  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and that make you feel great.  The best advice when choosing an outfit is to keep things simple.
  • Solid colors look great in headshots.  Avoid patterns and busy prints, as they are distracting and don’t usually photograph well.
  • Avoid colors that closely match your skin tone.  (Contrast is the key)
  • Bring a change of clothing to the session.  For corporate / business sessions, be sure to bring along a suit jacket (and possibly even a tie) even if you don’t plan on wearing it in the photo.
  • Bright, candy apple red works for almost no one.  If you are looking to convey “power” in your photo, a crisp red tie to accenting a suit is a far way better to go.
  • Avoid logos or branding.
  • Make sure all of your clothes are clean & ironed prior to the session.  Wrinkles are difficult to Photoshop out.  Don’t expect the photographer to do this.
  • Don’t worry about your shoes, if you are only getting a headshot.  Just wear something comfortable.  However, don’t just ignore jeans and pants.  Depending on how the image is shot, you never know when they might be in the image.

Some food for thought…

  • Choose clothing that complements your skin tone & eye color.  If you need a tan like me, I wouldn’t suggest a solid white shirt.  Fair skin & blue eyes… might look good with blues, pinks, & grays.  Green eyes… might work well with browns, greens, & oranges.

Bonus Points

  • Bring along a lint brush or lint roller.
  • Bring some oil absorbing sheets to soak up any oil or sweat that might build up during the shoot.  Clean & Clear: Oil Absorbing Sheets are a good example.
  • Bring a brush and some hair gel or hair spray with you to keep fly-aways under control.

headshot storyboard wtw1

Even though I was grumpy about having my picture taken, Fred made me feel at ease. I have been recommending you! Keep up the great work!

– Christie K.

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