Are you looking to have professional photographs done for your staff or management team?  We would love to put together a custom package to get you exactly what you are looking for.  It’s something what we specialize in and have become well known for.

A Specialty Offering

At S18 Photography, headshots are a specialty offering.  We’ve photographed everyone from surgeons & attorneys to models and actors, from all across the country.  Our work is widely sought out throughout the Philadelphia & South Jersey areas, and we’ve quickly established ourselves as one of the top headshot / portrait studios in the area.

We’ve got this down to a science…

We know you’re busy, so we keep things running as smoothly as possible.  We take the “business end” of photography seriously, and we have the entire process streamlined from electronic session agreements to our easy electronic invoices.  Our work flow is designed to accommodate the busy professional while delivering only the highest quality, ultra-premium images.

We Can Handle It…

From large corporations to local small businesses, we’ve worked with everyone, and we know things don’t always go as planned.  Whether there’s a doctor stuck in surgery or an executive that needs to head to a meeting, we’re flexible and know how to roll with the punches!


The custom nature of our business makes us the perfect choice.  When it comes to headshots, everything from the lighting to the image processing is customized in each session we do to best flatter the subject or provide a specific look.

We enjoy working with our clients to help their images convey a certain message and provide a uniform, professional look for their entire staff.  We’ve also been called in on numerous occasions to replicate a very specific look to fit with a company’s existing headshots.


Thanks so much for your cooperation in this huge undertaking! You have made it so simple to accomplish my task of new pix!!”

– J. Stokes, Director of Operations & Development, Reconstructive Orthopedics

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