At S18 Photography, headshots are one of our specialties!

A headshot is a specific type of portrait focused on branding the individual in the image.  It’s a portrait with a purpose, and they have been used for years by actors, models, authors, business professionals, and just about anyone with a website or profile that has an “about us” page.

At S18 Photography, we believe that just because an image is “professional,” doesn’t mean it should be boring.  In fact, we think just the opposite.  We firmly believe that the best headshots have a natural, authentic expression, and they give a glimpse into who you are and what you are all about.  

We help our clients project how they want to be seen by others and feel comfortable enough to show off their personality in the images.

Think about it.  Would you rather see a picture of a stiff, expressionless surgeon, or a warm, intelligent medical professional with just a bit of compassion showing in their eyes?  

Our images are crisp, contemporary, and filled with real expressions.  You won’t find fake, strained expressions or stiff, robotic-poses in our images.  Our headshots are created with all of the lighting techniques from classical portraiture, but we take a more modern twist.  These headshots are made to stand the test of time.

So, how do you want to brand yourself?  Are you aiming for a look that’s “confident and professional” or something with more emphasis on “warm and approachable?”  Perhaps it’s something in between?

Whatever the answer, we’re confident we can get you there!  Drop us a line, and you be amazed at how great your images make you look and feel!


I actually like my head shot which is something I usually NEVER say about a picture of myself.  Thank you for your patience with my lack of modeling skills!”

– Debbie C.

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Fred is very personable and perfect at putting you at ease.. He was an outstanding professional in every way. He turned around my photos in 48 hours and I have already gotten a few compliments on my new head shots.”

– Steven Coppola, Coppola Wealth Management

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