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Catherine is a C-suite executive over at Fox Rehabilitation in Cherry Hill, NJ, and we received a call from her assistant to set up a session to get her a new headshot.  Fox Rehab is one of our corporate clients, and you may remember our post from photographing their other execs.  Last time we headed out to their location to work with the team, but Catherine would be coming into our studio for her session.

South Jersey Executive Headshots

Like a lot of other clients, the folks over at Fox Rehab understand the importance of portraying the right presence with a solid, professionally-created headshot.  These guys are the real deal… busy professionals who also happen to be a lot of fun.  You don’t build a company from the ground up they way their founder and CEO did by cutting corners.

NJ Headshot Photographer

A few moments before the session, I received a call from Catherine.  She had gotten the wrong address from her assistant, and she was running late.  She sounded a bit upset and stressed out.  When she arrived, I was sure to get her in the right frame of mind to be photographed.  The last thing you would want is photos where someone looked all upset, straining to fake a smile.  No, these had to be done right, and we quickly had things on the right track.   I joked with her about the client I had in the past who got a ticket on the way to a session.  Getting things going right was no easy task there for sure!

Genuine Headshots

Catherine was a good sport, and quick to shake things off.  Soon enough, we were chatting and laughing while getting some great shots.  She was easy to work with, and she told me about how she was just coming aboard at Fox Rehab.  It wasn’t long before we had wrapped up, and had some nice shots for her.  Here’s a shot from the session!

executive headshot catherine 1

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