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A while back, the folks at Fox Rehabilitation contacted us about setting up some on-location headshots for their executive team over in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Fox Rehab provides physical, occupational and speech therapy services, and, if I recall correctly, they do a great deal of work with folks from senior living communities.  The administrative assistant who was coordinating the sessions with us corresponded with us about various items, such as general considerations to prepare for the session, and soon we were set to head over & meet the executives to be photographed.

When I arrived, I lugged my gear into the executive suite area through a side entrance, and had the pleasure of meeting everyone before I set up.  They were a cool bunch, each with a great sense of humor.  Amongst the bookshelves of healthcare literature & the whiteboard for brainstorming sessions, the sprawling c-suite had a number of items to help the executives relax & I’m sure work off some of the pressures of the job.  There was a ping pong table, where I jokingly challenged CEO Tim Fox to a game, and I had to move some RC cars out of the way to plug in my lighting.

Every session has it’s own set of challenges, and this one was no exception.  Often, the client can be nervous about being photographed, but in this instance, that wasn’t the case.  These guys were cool & confident from the start and had what you would traditionally refer to as “executive presence.”  As quick & decisive high-level executives, I only had a few moments with each of them to get shots that looked natural, confident, & professional.  Despite any constraints, for me, it’s all about getting something authentic, since anyone can spot a fake smile a mile away.  Overall, I had a good time connecting with each of them, and was able to coax some genuine expressions from them, getting them a set of shots that did them justice!  Here’s some images from the session.





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