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After price and location, photos are the most important factor that buyers look at when choosing which house to view.  In almost all cases good pictures can result in 3-4 times as many viewers.

More viewers means a much better chance of selling and can lead to a higher sales price and a quicker sale.

Professional photos from S18 Photography will improve the quality of your marketing, increasing your client satisfaction.  These images can be on the internet, in a brochure, on a window card in an estate agents display, or in advertisements in local or national newspapers.

This can and will increase the number of properties you sell and hence your bottom line.

With the Property Market in a state of hardship rarely ever seen before, estate agents need as much help as possible to get more viewers into property and speed up the process of selling a property.

The problem is professional photography costs a lot of money, or does it?  For only $150, you can get a full set of profession home photos & for an additional $50, you can get a full 2 minute tour video of the home.

More viewings, means more of a chance of selling at a better price!

If you are ready to step up you game & do some more business this year, give us a ring! 🙂

Right now, refer us to a friend & if they purchase a session, you receive $25 off of your next session!

S18 Photography 2012

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