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Followers of our blog may remember this home from when we photographed it previously.  We first photographed the home in October of 2013, and blogged about it in December.  Our first set of photos helped the home sell lightening fast, and the photos were so impressive to others in the neighborhood, that they helped the agent get multiple other listings in the neighborhood.  We photographed each one, and they all sold very quickly as well.  I remember the agent telling us that a few of them sold in less than 2 weeks.  If I remember correctly, this home sold in around a single month.  Let’s pause for a second & highlight a few key things here.  If you want to understand how the top agents operate, read on…

  • The original listing sold super fast (with multiple offers) with help from our ultra-premium images.
  • Neighbors were so impressed with the marketing (mentioning photography in particular), that the agent listed (and sold) numerous other homes in the neighborhood.  (Seriously… this agent has just about sold the entire community there… we’ve joked about it a few times.)
  • All of the listings he got were photographed by us & sold super fast too… multiple offers, etc.

I hope you’re noticing a pattern here!  The most successful agents opt for only the highest quality photography, period.  This is the one area where they don’t cut corners & use a budget offering.  Why?  Read on…

  • They know that they are investing in premium marketing & saving money on other forms of less useful advertising.
  • The clients can tell when the agent has opted for the “budget photographer.”  Everyone knows guys, and you’re not doing yourself any favors by cheaping it.
  • Smart agents understand that they are doing more than marketing.  They are building their brand!  The clients know they are getting premium service, and this only brings more clients through the door.
  • People are visual.  Great photos get the best impact & attract other clients who want the same service.

So how did we get here?  It turns out, the original listing sold super-fast & the new owners decided after only around 8 months or so, that they wanted to move out of the area.  Instead of calling the agent who represented them when they found the house, they reached out to the listing agent to market their home!  Yes, read that again folks.  They weren’t un-happy with their first agent, but they were just so impressed with the first listing, that they wanted the same marketing to help them sell their home!  They mentioned specifically that the pictures were a key part of what attracted them.  

In fact, they said that the images not only caught their eye, but they played a key part in their decision to buy the home.  How, you ask?  Well, during the decision process & while looking at other properties, they always had crisp, vibrant images to go back to.  The images allowed them to experience that house again & ultimately kept it fresh in their mind, in the end, swaying their opinion.

Before I wrap this up, I’ll throw in another little gem.  The most successful agents I work with get the maximum leverage out of our ultra-premium images.  How?  They don’t just use them to provide the best marketing for singular listings.  They also show the photos of their listings off to prospective clients in their listing presentation.  This lets their clients see just how they will be marketing their home.  All of the agents we work with have told us how successful our images have been in getting them listings.

Think about it.  If you were selling your home, what agent do you want to pay a commission to?  Do you want the one sitting across from you, showing you a canned presentation with sub-par “professional” photos, or do you want an agent who understands that consumers are online with a photographer to make the listing stand out…?

I think we’ve said enough here.  Here’s some shots from our session at this nice home in Colts Neck!




















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