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They say you learn something new every day, and yesterday this was definitely true in my case.  I was headed over to Philadelphia to photograph a nice house on Roosevelt Blvd., when I decided to take the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge.  Apparently, while all of the other bridge tolls to Philly are $5, the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge has a $2 toll… sweet, right?  Well, yeah, I guess so, except for the fact that there are a ton of folks out there looking to save some cash!  The traffic was backed up for miles leading up to the bridge!  It was a mess!  I had no idea this bridge had a cheaper toll.  The only reason I was headed this way, was because my GPS told me it was the best way to go.  Regardless, here’s my recommendation to folks: If you’ve got a bunch of time you want to waste… you know, the kind of time that you’ll never get back, by all means, hit up the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge this time of year!  It’s guaranteed to be a boat-load of grid-locked fun!

The good news is that, after getting through the traffic mess, I reached my destination, safe & sound.  The home was a really nice dwelling right on Roosevelt Blvd. in Philadelphia that I was photographing for an agent at Keller Williams.  While I don’t know this area of Philly well, I really thought the house was beautiful.  From it’s nicely-manicured landscaping to the well-kept interior, the house was gorgeous and had a lot of character.  It was owned by an older couple who were looking to move to a newer home they had purchased at the Jersey Shore.  They were super nice and a tad hard of hearing, which of course, left me talking pretty loudly throughout the session.  Yes, I spent my day in traffic jams and hollering at the elderly.  Don’t judge.  haha…

For the most part, wallpaper is a big no-no in homes now-a-days, but for some reason, this house still looked terrific in my opinion, despite incorporating a lot of wallpaper.  I think it just really went with the decor well, and it was visually appealing.  The house was pretty large too, three stories and some very large rooms.  Altogether, the house was really nice, and it photographed pretty well.  Here’s some shots from the session!
















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