How in the world do I take a picture of a toddler?!?

I find one of the hardest subjects to photograph is…THE TODDLER, or even the crawling/just learning to walk baby.  Now with that said I also feel they are the most photogenic and truly gratifying subjects to photograph, whether it being a more lifestyle or posed approach.  Now some professionals will tell you that they don’t use “posing” and that the children were just being themselves.  They say they just follow them around capturing them just being children.  Although that might work for some, and there really are some great photographers out there that take this approach…it doesn’t work for me.

Chasing toddlers around is just too chaotic and resulted in way too many pictures of the back of heads and sides of faces, like this…

Or even something like this…

and don’t forget the bend over/squatting position they love so much!

So here is your tip for today that can hopefully help you get a few pictures of something other than the back or side of your toddler’s head!

Trap them!

That’s right trap them!  I like my kids to stay still…wishful thinking I know!  I find that by using a chair, basket, bench, you can buy yourself a good 2-3 minutes….so take advantage!

I’d much rather have some eye contact, like this…

So put them in something!

Or put them on something!

And don’t forget to make a lot of goofy sounds and faces to get those smiles!  Hope this tip is helpful to all you Mommies (& Daddies) out there struggling to take pictures of your toddlers.


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