How We Can Get You Noticed #2 – NJ Commercial Photographer

A while back, we kicked off a new series of blog entries, dedicated to showing potential clients a little more of what we’re all about and how we can help get them more business.  These posts will show off some of what it is we do and offer ideas on how we can help you build your brand.  Our last post focused on a few types of commercial portraits we offer.  Today’s post is all about stunning product photography!

Product Photography

Round 2 of our series, and today we’re talking about product photography.  Let’s keep it simple.  As a business, you offer either some kind of product or service.  If it’s a product you sell, you’re going to need it to look good.  You want that [insert super-awesome product name here] to look awesome and catch as many eyeballs as possible.  You want your item to be so savory that it simply can’t be overlooked!

That’s where we come in.  At S18 Photography, we offer the very best ultra-premium product photography.  It’s something we started getting approached about regularly because of our mastery at working with lighting.  Where are you advertising, and how are you getting the product in front of customers?  To be successful in today’s market, you undoubtably need a robust web presence.  Depending on the size and scale of your operation, you may have a budget for print ads… magazines, flyers, trade show displays, etc.  You get the picture. 

For all of these, you need the very best images to promote your products.  Think we’re wrong?  We beg to differ.  Have you ever been to those websites that are poorly put together with cell phone photos?  Yup, you know these guys aren’t a serious business yet.  Even worse is when you see a polished web site with terrible images.  Ouch!  Don’t these guys care how they come off to consumers?  Even the dollar store puts a great deal of emphasis, time, and effort into product photography!  They know that to really establish legitimacy, they need to invest in their brand.  And you should too.

Whether it’s food, beverages, consumer products, watches, trade show booths, custom glass or even an entire clothing line, chances are we can do an amazing job getting your product looking awesome and attracting eyeballs!  (Yep, we’ve actually photographed multiple clothing lines for brand rollouts.)

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fruit tart 113 CL

Architectural & Real Estate Photography

Photographing real estate has been something we’ve specialized in for years.  Whether you’re a agent, stager, flipper, designer, builder, or even architect, your product is the spaces you’re selling.  We’ve done such a significant number of these sessions in the last 5 years, that we even have a special site dedicated to it!  Click here to visit & see more.  Here you can find out more information on what might be right for your needs.

(In the case of real estate photography, we’re usually talking about smaller budget sessions for real estate agents or homeowners to market the sale of a home.  For architectural work, we’re typically talking about much higher end, higher budget work to show of design details for builders, stagers, designers, and architects.)

Here’s a handful of shots from these sessions!

 okieff twilight re kitchen haddonfield arch fireplace 1 architect yellow 1

Well, that’s a wrap for product photography, but we hope you’ll swing by again for future posts!  Along with our regular posts about recent sessions, we’ll be sure to continue this series by going into the ways we can use photography to communicate your vision and get you noticed!

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