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This post is a continuation of our series of blog posts dedicated to showing potential clients more of what we’re all about and how we can help them to get more business.  They show off what we do and offer ideas on how we can help you build your brand.  Today’s post is all about getting headshots for your team.  Here are the links to our past posts, in case you missed them!

“How We Can Get You Noticed”

#1 – Commercial Portraits | Highlight Video

#2 – Product Photography | Highlight Video

#3 – Team Headshots (You Are Here!)

Team Headshots – South Jersey Corporate Headshots

When you’ve built a team of top-tier industry professionals, you want prospective customers to know it.  Sure, you’ve invested in all of the tools you need to make your business a success.  You’ve got the fancy website, the office space, and even the marketing strategy.  The one thing you don’t want to forget is looking the part.  The very last thing you need to do here is fill your marketing materials and website with a bunch of amateur photos or disjointed cameraphone shots.  This just sends your clients mixed messages.  You know that to be successful, you need to show others that you are serious about what you do and that your team is a unified front of professionals with a rock solid foundation.

This is where we come in. 

NJ Corporate Headshots

At S18 Photography, we’ve worked with countless companies over the years in helping them project the right image for their target audience.  We’ve helped businesses of all sizes promote a consistent message across their brands and introduce that all-important human aspect to their business.  Whether it was for their c-suite executives, a specific team, or an entire staff, our headshots and corporate portraits have helped them to build trust and authority in the eyes of their prospective clients in what they do. 

South Jersey Business Headshots

You may have noticed that we decided to make our post about Team Headshots separate from our initial post about Commercial Portraits, where one of the topics was headshots for individuals.  Why?  Simple.  While they may share some similar goals, there is a very different process and considerations that go into each one.

Corporate Portraits

For group sessions, it’s almost always best that we come to your location (or locations), and the logistics of pulling things off are more complex, from planning through the actual session.  With S18 Photography, you’re working with professionals who’ve done this countless times for other professional organizations of all shapes and sizes.  That’s experience and knowledge you’re going to want on your side when it comes time to put your session together. 

Professional Headshots in South Jersey

What are some recommendations for team members’ attire?  How about backdrop color?  Are there company colors you would like to emphasize?  And how do you handle things not going exactly as planned?  Most clients who start the process of putting something like this together aren’t even certain the right questions to ask.  And we’ll definitely want to know if there is any overall message you want your team member portraits to convey.  What are you trying to say as a company overall?

South Jersey Company Headshots

We know all of the right questions to ask and considerations you should take into account when putting your session together, and we’ll guide you through the process.  Does that mean bad things can’t happen?  Of course not, but when they do, we’ll know how to handle it, so things can go as smoothly as possible.  And after post production, when we’ve delivered your awesome new images, we can even put together a plan to photograph your incoming employees each year when you have new hires! 

Custom Portraits for Your Team

When you’re ready to get headshots for your company, reach out to us, and we can get you on the right track towards reached your goals and getting your business noticed!  Here’s some shots we’ve done for other professional teams.

recon-ortho-sb1 e-street-group xtel-sb1 niagara-sb1 apex-sb1 xtel-group

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